Mushin's Tower

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Mushin's Tower
Mushin's Hall Entrance & AtriumJakdan's RoomPodan's RoomSeat of Mushin
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Dungeon Floor 9 - 15 Floor 9Floor 10Floor 11Floor 12Floor 13Floor 14Floor 15
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Mushin's Tower

Continent Eastern Continent
Zone Moonwater Plains
Mushin's Tower
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MaxLevel MusinTower.png Mushin's Tower is a building on an island located in the south-west of the Moonwater Plains. It is home to many merchants and other NPCs, that may be connected to some different side quests. It is also used as a meeting place for many high level players.
"Mushin's Tower" also often refers to the dungeons or Floors that are actually embedded into the building. Currently there are 20 floors that can be beaten. They are split up into three main parts:

  • Floor 1 - 8
  • Floor 9 - 15
  • Floor 16 - 20

Mushin's Hall[edit | edit source]

Entrance & Atrium[edit | edit source]

Mushin's Tower can only be entered by Windstride Windstride.png from players that hit level 45 and accepted the prequest that is given by an invitation.
The atrium, also known as Mushin's Hall, consists of two floors.
The Trial Arena and the Tower of Infinity are extensions of Mushin's Tower, that can be accessed at the west of the atrium.
Located east is an extension holding several portals:

Portal Leads To
Mushin's Hall - First Floor Podan's Room
Mushin's Hall - Second Floor Jakdan's Room
Mushin's Hall - 16F Seat of Mushin

List of NPCs[edit | edit source]

In addition to the listed NPCs, level 55 Training Dummies in a group of 3 and a solo one, are located there.
*Located on the Second floor.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Podan's Room[edit | edit source]

Podan's Room is a room at the South of Mushin's Hall - Second Floor. It is part of the dungeon Mushin's Tower. Podan's Room is the access point for Floors 1 - 8 of Mushin's Tower. Hongsil offers two entry points:

List of NPCs[edit | edit source]

In addition to the listed NPCs, there are also several level 55 Training Dummies. In addition to a standard training dummy, there is also a special Focus Recovery dummy and a group of three action-specific dummies that Block, Evade, or Counter.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Podan offers you two possible daily quests.

Jakdan's Room[edit | edit source]

Jakdan's Room is a room in the North of the upper floor of Mushin's Hall. It is part of the dungeon Mushin's Tower. Jakdan's Room is the access point for Floors 9 - 15 of Mushin's Tower. Chungsil provides two entry points:

List of NPCs[edit | edit source]

In addition to the listed NPCs, level 55 Training Dummies in a group of 3 and two solo ones, are located there.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Jakdan offers you two possible daily quests and an introduction quest.

Seat of Mushin[edit | edit source]

This room is currently unaccessable.

Dungeon Floors 1 - 8[edit | edit source]

Mushin's Tower Floor Dungeon

The corresponding quests, such as Dailyquest.png The Trial of the Tower Tags Daily.png Tags Stars 3 Purple.png, will update automatically with a new goal each time floor has been cleared. Most floors share the same look of the map, which just gets repeated.

Floor 1[edit | edit source]

The six sculptures - Archer, Destroyer, Assassin, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Force Master

The first floor of Mushin's Tower is decorated with six sculptures that will, upon usage, spawn an enemy. Each sculpture will spawn a specific enemy from a certain class.

Defeating the enemy will make the selected sculpture unusable, preventing from doing the same enemy twice. To advance further to the second floor, two enemies must be defeated.

Tip: The Force Master has one of the lowest HP and is easily burstable.

Floor 2[edit | edit source]

Silver Deva

Defeating Silver Deva to clear the second Floor of Mushin's Tower and advance further is mandatory.

Tip: The strikes of Silver Deva, indicated by a yellow rectangle, will put a small fire AoE underneath if it hits a target. Even if the target parries or deflects the damage. Avoiding these strikes is very benefical.

Floor 3[edit | edit source]

The third floor consists of 4 waves of enemies that have to be defeated to gain access to Floor five. The first three waves are composed of a specific NPC and three of his followers.
There are also numerous of other smaller enemies already waiting at the floor.

  1. Treasure Hunter Oh Tak + 3x Treasure Hunter Oh Tak's Goon
  2. Yes Men Big Shot Tanghong + 3x Yes Men Tanghong's Underling
  3. Grave Robber Boss Han Woomul + 3x Grave Robber Han Woomul's Underling
  4. Recruit Bomani

Tip: Clear a little portion of the other enemies, perferably with AoE, while defeating a wave and avoid pulling all of them at once as they can deal high damage.

Floor 4[edit | edit source]

At the fourth floor, the enemy to defeat is Pale Stalker Jiangshi. Podan the Humble and Chungsil are demanding, that a companion needs to be chosen, before the Jiangshi can be challenged. The companions that can be chosen, are the Tower Challengers from Floor 1. They are able to inflict status effects as joint attacks to CC the Jiangshi. To choose someone, an HP Pill, which is sold by Chungsil for 50Silver.png, is required.

Tip: Use the joint attacks from the companion to interrupt the AoE, indicated by a yellow circle around him. Killing the little adds with AoE attacks is the easiest way to get rid of them.

This floor is the last goal to reach for completing the quest Dailyquest.png The Trial of the Tower Tags Daily.png Tags Stars 3 Purple.png.

Floor 5[edit | edit source]

A Hulking Augerite is waiting on floor 5, surrounded by four orbs, each having a different color and granting different buffs to the player. This fight has a time limit (4:30 min.) and can be seen as a simple DPS-Race. Every 45 seconds, another orb can be chosen to get a new buff. Orbs can only be used once during the fight. If no orbs is chosen for a given amount of time, they get unusable for another 45 seconds.

Orb Buff Duration Description
Red Critical Bonus 30 sec Critical Hit Rate +50% for 30sec.
Attributes Bonus 30 sec For 30sec., Additional Damage +200, Piercing +50.
Green Attributes Bonus 30 sec Attack Power +50, Piercing +100.
White Defense Bonus 40 sec Defense increases by 5% per stack
Critical Bonus 30 sec Critical Hit Rate +50% for 30sec.
Blue Recovery Bonus 30 sec Recovers 80HP every 2 sec.
Recovery 20 sec Heals HP by 2% once every 15 attacks.

Tip: Before choosing any orb, bursting the Augerite and then using the red orb can be benefical for some classes as the RMB-Skill gets spammable. After red, green is very promising for another burst phase. Try to avoid getting the blue one.

Floor 6[edit | edit source]

Sacred Beast Recall Device, Wheel of Fate and Hongsil

A Wheel of Fate has been placed on floor 6 to choose the opponent one has to fight, to advance further. To spin the wheel, a Life Essence, which can be bought from Hongsil standing next to the wheel for 2Silver.png 50Copper.png, has to be paid. After the wheel has been spun, an encounter will spawn and the Sacred Beast Recall Device left to the wheel can be activated to send the enemy away, giving the player another chance at the Wheel of Fate.

There are 5 possible encounters:

The Golden Pig is a form of jackpot from the wheel, as it has a low chance of appearance and doesn't put up for a fight. But it has the sideeffect of not dropping any items. All other encounters share the same percentage of appearance.

Clearing this floor will complete Dailyquest.png Monsters and Mayhem Tags Daily.png Tags Stars 3 Purple.png.

Tip: The encounters share the same movement and abilities from the dungeon they're from. Azure Lord has multiple AOE attacks and Dokumo a high mobility. Rolling for the Golden Pig is recommended, when no other enemy can be beaten in a reasonable time. Ogong and Chief Hogdonny seem rather easy for all classes

Floor 7[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Floor 8[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Floors 9 - 15[edit | edit source]

Floor 9[edit | edit source]

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Floor 11[edit | edit source]

Floor 12[edit | edit source]

Floor 13[edit | edit source]

Floor 14[edit | edit source]

Floor 15[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Floors 16 - 20[edit | edit source]

Floor 16[edit | edit source]

Floor 17[edit | edit source]

Floor 18[edit | edit source]

Floor 19[edit | edit source]

Floor 20[edit | edit source]