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Campaignquest.png Mother's Garden
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 25
Preceded by The Road to Redemption
Followed by Fugitives
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Rewards 106,650 XP
1 Ivorymoon Bracelet
61Silver.png 0Copper.png
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It was too early. The sun was still hiding behind the peaks of Silverfrost. Only the pale light growing in the horizon and the sounds of activity in the kitchen gave any hint that morning was near. Junghado covered a yawn. The monks always began their routine at an inappropriate hour, but Junghado was only seven years-old. Normally, he could sleep in until the bell for morning chores, but today, Hyundam had shaken him out of his bed.

"We have visitors today," he explained. "I need your help with preparations."

Junghado followed him into the kitchen where tea was already boiling, bowls were being washed, and another monk was busy chopping herbs. Junghado watched the man work, noticing the quick movements of the blade. Perhaps he could help cut vegetables. Hyundam smiled, noticing how Junghado's eyes brightened, but he didn't hand him a blade. Instead, Junghado was given a heavy wooden bucket.

The cold water hit him like a knife. the bucket spilled all over the frosty rocks, as Junghado landed in the stream. His shortcut had failed him. He picked himself up and winced. His knee was bruised. He took the bucket back the way he had come, but stopped at the sight of a large group of people in bright clothing on the road.

"Young man," said an official-sounding voice. "Are you all right?"

The man was tall and appeared to be some kind of soldier. Junghado hung his head in embarrassment and nodded. He waited for the soldier and the others to go by, keeping his head bowed in respect. These people looked important. He was wet and dirty. He shivered a bit, as the final group of soldiers mad their way to the monastery.

He was about to run to the well when he noticed that someone had fallen behind. It was a little girl in bright silks. She was looking at him. Junghado didn't know what to do.

"Here," said the little girl with a smile. "You can use this to dry your clothes."

She offered a small, embroidered cloth. Junghado stepped forward and accepted it dubiously.

"Your Majesty," said one of the soldiers. "Come along now."

The little girl skipped down the road to join the others. She turned to offer one final, friendly smile. Junghado couldn't help but smile in return. Morning had come.


  1. Use the Dragon Pulse to travel to Elderblossom Veil
  2. Release Yunma Fei
  3. Talk to Yunma Fei
  4. Escort Yunma Fei and search for the Royal Seal
  5. Defeat Gung Woo
  6. Light the Stone Lantern to open the Dragon Pulse
  7. Use the Dragon Pulse to travel to Shiverstone Ridge
  8. Talk to Yunma Kahn



3. Talk to Yunma Fei

Yunma Fei:
"You live! I can hardly believe it. I hoped we would meet again, but your condition was quite grave. How did this come to be?"
The Eight Masters gave their lives to save me.
Yunma Fei:
"I see... a great gift. Our own mission has not been without incident. We found this place after a long search of the Wild Springs, but it seems the Dominion's trackers were right on our heels. We led them right here."
"I used to come here as a child. Father said my mother loved this place. It is all I really know of her... But now is not the time for reminiscence. I must find Junghado, and resume my search."
I'll help you.
Yunma Fei:
"Wonderful! The Royal Seal likely hides in one of the many stone statues. Let us search together."

8. Talk to Yunma Kahn

Yunma Khan:
"I'm glad to see that you've returned unharmed. I was starting to worry."
Where are Dochun and the others?
Yunma Khan:
"They departed for the Herbalists' Rest to gather medicinal herbs for our wounded. Our supply has been nearly depleted.
I think I should go after them.
Yunma Khan:
"Your desire for revenge against Jinsoyun led to your downfall, but you must learn from your mistakes and forge on ahead. That is your duty as the successor of the Hongmoon School."