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Lycandi Den
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Boss Chuluun the Strong
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Lycandi Foothills
Nearest Windstride Lilystalk Tradepost
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Lycandi Den is a normal dungeon located in the Lycandi Foothills, northwest of Lilystalk Tradepost.


The Lycandi Den is the hideout of Chuluun the Strong, a Lycandi Rebel Leader that opposes Salkhi the Swift's leadership. It is filled with his loyal followers, whom all also despise other races. The dynamic quest, Eradicating the Rebels, requires you to defeat Chuluun the Strong and rewards you with Chuluun the Strong's Treasure. The daily quest associated to the Lycandi Den is A Pack Divided, where Salkhi also requests Chuluun's defeat.

Ganbaatar the Unmoving is one of Chuluun's top fighers, and impedes any intruders into the Den halfway through. There are otherwise no major interruptions towards Chuluun from the entrance other than the tribal patrols and guards.

Chuluun the Strong is a typical adventurer boss, and summons additional minions when he's low on health.


Bosses Level HP Monsters
Ganbaatar the Unmoving 38 13,110
  • Tribe Guard
  • Tribe Patrol
Chuluun the Strong 38 149,500
  • Tribe Archer
  • Tribe Guard
  • Tribe Patrol

Mobs Level HP
Tribe Archer 38 6,567
Tribe Guard 38 6,567 ~ 7,395
Tribe Patrol 38 7,395


Chuluun the Strong Accuracy Soul Shield Chest
Chuluun the Strong's Treasure
Healing Tonic
Locked Lycandi Weapon Chest
Locked Moonwater Weapon Chest
Lycandi Evasion Soul Shield
Sealed Chuluun the Strong Accuracy Soul Shield
Sealed Moonwater Earring
Sealed Moonwater Necklace
Sealed Moonwater Ring
Sealed Osmium Axe
Sealed Osmium Bangle
Sealed Osmium Dagger
Sealed Osmium Gauntlet
Sealed Osmium Staff
Sealed Osmium Sword