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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 5
Preceded by Forcing the Enforcer
Followed by The Bully
Given by [[]]
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 90600 XP
3 Silverfrost Mountains Dew
45Silver.png 0Copper.png
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"You dared to use violence against government officers? And all to aid an escaped slave? Outrageous!" Judge Jin Taipyung continued to shout condemnations down at Jinsoyun. She was bound and had already been beaten, and she could barely see through the blood in her eyes. A full twenty men and women surrounded Jinsoyun, and an energy shot through the crowd as the judge rendered his verdict. "By the laws of the Stratus Empire, I sentence you to death by beheading. The sentence shall be carried out...immediately!"

A man with a huge sword stood in front of Jinsoyun. He was one of the brutes who had beaten the slave boy in the Hao District that day, and now he was to be Jinsoyun's executioner. Jinsoyun's head was forced to the ground, and the man raised the instrument of execution. Jinsoyun shut her eyes.

In that moment between life and death, all Jinsoyun could picture was the kind face of her master. She owed everything to Jiwan. It was Jiwan who found her and spared her in Highland Central. It was Jiwan who hugged her and stroked her hair when the darkness threatened to take hold. Jiwan had trained her harshly but fairly, and each night after a day of endless training, it was Jiwan who rubbed soothing herbs over Jinsoyun's bruises and wounds. Jiwan and Jiwan alone- not cruel Iksanun or cold Hong Sokyun had shown Jinsoyun love. Jiwan was more mother than master. If only Jinsoyun could see her face once more. If only Jinsoyun had refrained from meddling with the slave boy, as Jiwan would have wanted her to. Jinsoyun wept, the tears mixed with blood.


  1. Enter the Tainted Lab with the Earthseer Incantor and defeat the Profane Jiangshi
  2. Speak with the Captured Child
  3. Speak with Sopong at the Granary Entrance
  4. Go to the Lumang Stronghold
  5. Speak to the Villager
  6. Scale the Left Watchtower and type "/examine" to get a view of the camp. Scale the Right Watchtower and type "/examine" to get a view of the camp
  7. Rescue the Villagers
  8. Find the Captured Talus Patrol
  9. Release Talus Patrol
  10. Speak to the Talus Patrol
  11. Go to the Lumang Den
  12. Defeat Maungsan's pets and suppress him
  13. Speak to Maungsan
  14. speak to Yu Chun