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Campaignquest.png Legitimate Business Practices
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 7
Preceded by The Bully
Followed by Foul Mouths, Honest Hearts
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Rewards 122400 XP
1 Sterling Necklace
45Silver.png 0Copper.png
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"Bah! Just do as you're told, Guard Captain! No questions, and no backtalk!" The decanter flew towards Yu Chun, hitting the wall behind him and shattering into pieces. One of the glass shards grazed Yu Chun's cheek, and blood trickled down his chin. It was all Yu Chun could do to keep from assaulting the man. "As you command...sir." Yu Chun turned and left without another word.

Corruption was the fledgling empire's silent predator. It stalked every hall and every court, from the slums to the palace. Government officials were not placed or promoted based upon merit. Bribes, blackmail, and nepotism ruled the day. Zaiwei was full of lapdogs, each clawing at each other to devour the smallest crumb. Fat noblemen enjoyed feasts while the poor starved in the streets. It disgusted Yu Chun. All of it.

Yu Chun's patience was rapidly coming to an end. If the gods had any sway, they would guide his hand and correct these injustices. Law and order had to prevail. Yu Chun would rise to Imperator, just as his father before him, and bring balance to the Dominion. He would serve the only true ruler of the empire, Princess Yunma Fei, and bring balance to the Dominion. There was no alternative. There was no other way.


  1. Go to Justa Cave to find Yunsang
  2. Defeat the Hao Guards
  3. Disrupt the Raptor Fight
  4. Defeat Wu Lo and his Overseers
  5. Speak to Do Kichun
  6. Find Plu Tao's Jar
  7. Find Gu Fee's Jar
  8. Speak to Do Kichun
  9. Defeat "Yunsang"
  10. Defeat Do Kichun
  11. Speak to Yu Chun
  12. Take the Prison Key from Do Kichun
  13. Free the Prisoners
  14. Speak to Granny