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Title The True Shot
Faction Eight Masters
Level 50
Race Jin
Gender Male
Class Gunner
Profession [[]]
Location Deceased
First Quest
Unknown edit
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Leerok the True Shot was one of the original Eight Masters and the Headmaster of Ironsights Academy. His older sister, Soha, gave him her rifle when he became Headmaster.


Leerok was born to a decorated soldier and well-respected member of the Stratus Royal Court, Judge Jin Taipyung. He lived a fairly privileged life with his older sister, Soha. However, his father was betrayed by a fellow officer and soon hired agents came bursting into his home to kill them. Leerok escaped to a special cave his father told him to go to in times of trouble. There, he meets up with his sister who also managed to escape.

While his sister went on to pursue vengeance for his parents' death, he traveled to Zaiwei where he eventually became the leader of the Hao Society, a back alley group. Under his leadership, the Hao Society became a more "respectable" organization. Like his sister, he also became quite skilled in the use of rifles, making a name for himself in his own right.

At some point, Soha was offered a position in the Eight Masters, but Madun had a vision seeing her destiny tied elsewhere. As the second best Gunner in the Realm, Leerok took up the position in the Eight Masters. He left behind the Hao Society to found the Ironsights Academy, leaving the Hao to quickly fell back to its darker roots in illegal back alley dealings.

From there, Leerok and the other Eight Masters went in search of Hong Sokyun, one of the last remaining Four Guardians in order to stop the coming of the Dark Lord. However, they arrived too late and Hong Sokyun, along with his entire school, were already dead. Right as the Eight Masters were about to disband, Madun had a vision of a hero with the Mark of the Black Rose that would come seek them out at the Cave of Mastery.

Unsure of how accurate it was, Leerok joined the Eight Masters, convening at the Cave of Mastery.

First Arc[]

Leerok and the other Eight Masters had been waiting nearly a week within the Cave of Mastery. Leerok wonders if Madun's vision was another dead end. As the Eight Masters are about to give up and leave, the hero comes falling through the ceiling of the cave. Leerok is just as surprised as the rest that Madun's divination was actually correct. He joins the other Masters in using their Chi to free the hero from some of the Dark Chi blocking their energy flow. Leerok is concerned that they are unable to purge the Dark Chi entirely however, Taywong insists that the hero continue as is. Leerok walks off, commenting that the situation is interesting. It appears that Leerok went to handle some other business as he is absent during the hero's initiation at the Cave of Judgement.

He isn't seen again until the hero has finally gained access into Zaiwei. From a watchtower, he fires a bullet at the hero who deflects it effortlessly. Finding the hero interesting, he promises that they will meet again before running off, leaving behind the bullet casing.

The hero tracks down the owner of the special bullet casing to Ironsights Academy where Leerok has his students battle the hero as a test. When the hero arrives within the main building, Leerok challenges the hero to a battle. Midway, Soha runs in telling them to stop and reveals to the hero that he is Soha's younger brother. He explains that the he has heard all about the hero from Madun and his sister and that he meant nothing by shooting the hero, other than to confirm that they were indeed as strong as he was told. Madun had wanted Leerok to meet with the hero in order to prepare the hero to face Jinsoyun. Leerok then explains that handling Jinsoyun must be handled carefully by finding when she will be alone and vulnerable. He is surprised that the hero may have a way to find Jinsoyun's whereabouts through a royal family connection, but also warns the hero that Jinsoyun has spies everywhere that have hindered his own attempts at getting at her. He is pleased to see his sister who came to visit when she heard that he became Headmaster of the Ironsights Academy. He coaxes her into treating him to drinks at the House of Pleasures.

When the hero goes to the House of Pleasures to search for clues about the Talus Intelligence and Dark Seers plans. Leerok is surprised to see the hero there, but mentions seeing the spies acting secretive up on the second floor in what he imagines must be a secret room. When Leerok hears a commotion which causes the House of Pleasures owner and his bouncers to get involved, Leerok rushes in, chiding the hero for causing so much trouble. Leerok slips the owner a lot of money to prevent the hero from being arrested and vouches for the hero's actions. After chiding the hero for acting so rashly for such a small amount of information, he tells the hero to go on quickly to Bamboo Courtyard while he handles the affairs at the House of Pleasures and passes the information on to the Eight Masters.

That evening, the Eight Masters all arrive in Bamboo Courtyard to help the hero stop the Dark Diviners from gathering Dark Chi into Corruption Cores. Leerok arrives last to help the hero against the Dark Wraith. He thanks the hero for aiding them in determining the location of the Dark Seers' ritual. He remarks that he's the worst of the Eight Masters when it comes to skepticism regarding Madun's visions. He tells the hero to ask Madun with regards to the vision he most recently had. He remarks that the hero's strength is great, but worries about the darkness within them.

Madun later gathers the Eight Masters to reveal that his latest vision involves sacrificing their lives to save the hero. They all arrive at the Sanctum of the Eight where the dying hero is about to commit suicide. Leerok shoots the dagger out of the hero's hands at the last minute. Together with the Eight Masters, Leerok uses up all of his Chi to purge the darkness from the hero, turning his body to stone.

Soha later mentions to the hero that her brother was the last of her family and that she had given her rifle to Leerok when he became Headmaster of Ironsights Academy. During the final battle in Zaiwei, she tells the hero that she promised Leerok that she would to assist the hero when she saw the Ancient Beacon light in the sky. With Leerok gone, she takes up responsibility for Ironsights Academy.