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Focus Recovery 10
Skill Icon Warlock 0 05.png
Placeholder.png Siphon over 12 sec.

Accelerates Vampiric Drain during Placeholder.png Siphon
Increases Critical Damage by 20% during Placeholder.png Siphon

+1 additional Focus Recovery Attacking while Placeholder.png Siphoned

Resets Cooldown of Hex Storm after hitting Skill Icon Warlock 0 05.png Leech
Inflicts [5] damage
Enemy is paralyzed for 1 sec. on hit

Unable to reset cooldown
Range Area Cast Cooldown
16m Target 0.1 sec. 45 sec.
Skill Requirements
On accurate Skill Icon Warlock 0 45.png Dimensional Volley, Skill Icon Warlock 0 47.png Dimensional Charge, or Skill Icon Warlock 0 46.png Dimensional Salvo
After using Skill Icon Warlock 0 08.png Soul Shackle


Skill Icon Warlock 0 05.png Leech is a buff skill for Scourge Warlocks. It restores focus and grants Placeholder.png Siphon, a DPS buff key to most rotations.

For the Distortion version of this skill, see Skill Icon Warlock 0 05.png Leech.

How to obtain[]

Required Level 30 Scourge Warlock


  • Placeholder.png Quickened Leech decreases the cooldown to 40 sec., extends Placeholder.png Siphon duration to 15 sec., and increases the Critical Damage bonus during Placeholder.png Siphon to 30%
  • Placeholder.png Enduring Soul decreases damage taken by 40% and recovers 20% HP during Placeholder.png Siphon


Mystic Badge[]