Lair of the Yutay
Lair of the Yutay.png
Lair of the Yutay Map.png
Boss Boss Vilray
Maximum Party Solo
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Cross Server Matching No
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Songshu Isle
Nearest Windstride Lair of the Yutay
Services Windstride.png Hpillar.png
Daily Quest The Yutay


From Items
Boss Vilray


  • Outpost Guard
  • Patrol


This is a dungeon which can be really challenging for some classes as it cannot be partied for and the last boss may be challenging for inexperienced players or harder classes. Thankfully this dungeon also offers two free Dragonblood recharges at the Dragon Coil preceding the boss, which the player should make use of to make it easier.

It is to be noted the fork leading to the east serves only for campaign quest purposes.


  • Dailyquest.png The Yutay


  • None
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