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Jukto's Repose
Jukto Revenge.jpg
[[File:Juk Map.jpg|350px|]]
Boss Gravewatcher Jukto
Maximum Party 6
Available Modes {{{modes}}}
Cross Server Matching No
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Stonespyre Canyon
Nearest Windstride Yonkai Skeleton Crew
Daily Quest Alternative Medicine

Jukto´s Response is a normal dungeon located in the Spirestone Canyons within The Cinderlands.


Upon entering you will find yourself in a big room where you can use a censer to awaken Gravewatcher Jukto. The moment you use it he will aggro you and jump to your location. The fight is pretty normal and straightforward with no change in attack patterns. However after a bit the Elite Tomb Guardians located at the walls of the room will come alive and attack you in pairs of 2. Once defeated, Gravewatcher Jukto will drop a chest containing the "Jaofang Block Soul Shield".


  • Dailyquest.png Alternative Medicine


Bosses Level HP Monsters
Gravewatcher Jukto 34 67,870
  • Elite Tomb Guardian