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Title Hongmoon Sister
Faction Hongmoon School
Level 35
Race Jin
Gender Female
Class Kung Fu Master
Profession [[]]
Location Deceased
First Quest
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What am I, your mother?
~ Jinyung

Jinyung was one of Master Hong's students training at Heaven's Reach. She teases the hero for being late, who she affectionately calls "Cricket".

Current Timeline[edit | edit source]

She wakes the hero up, insisting that they are late for a meeting with Master Hong. After the hero dons their uniform, she asks the hero to help her wake up the other students, Brother Gilhong and Brother Hajoon, in the dormitory. After a brief meeting with Yungmuk who explains the process of Windwalking, he tells them to go get Brother Lusung. When she and the hero go to the Overlook to gather Brother Lusung, she notices a strange woman in the sky wearing white. Convinced that she must be seeing things, she rushes off to meet up with the other students before Master Hong. She is amazed that the hero received their Martial Tome after only three years in the school and congratulates the hero. She continues training while the hero goes off to the Proving Grounds.

When Jinsoyun, Yura, and Gubong arrived and attack the school, she engages Yura in battle. Seeing Gilhong dead, she angrily threatens to kill Yura before Yura stabs her.

In Sandstone Refuge, Jinsoyun uses a twisted shade of her to goad the hero into attacking the villagers.

In Brightstone Village, as Mushin feeds into the hero's desire for revenge, her spirit appears, attacked by fiends. She begs the hero to turn back before disappearing.

Before the hero goes to Zaiwei to stop Jinsoyun's Divine Mandate Ritual, they stop at Heaven's Reach one last time to pay their respects to their fallen brothers and sisters. Her spirit appears alongside Master Hong's, Gilhong's, Hajoon's, and Yungmuk's spirits in front of the altar smiling at the hero.

After Jinsoyun is stopped and the Dark Gate is sealed, the hero is brought to Heaven's Reach where Jinyung leads the hero to a meeting with the other students, similar to the beginning. She watches as the hero uses their power to purge Jinsoyun of Dark Chi. She, along with the spirits of Master Hong and the other Hongmoon students, all finally pass on to the Divine Realm.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Prologue: Paradise Lost