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The rarity of an item in Blade and Soul is determined by the color of its name-tag.
The rarity of an item determines its stats and its drop-rate.
The table below shows all of the rarities in the game, starting with the most common, and ending with the rarest.

Color Rarity
White Normal
Green Refined
Blue Superior
Purple Heroic
Orange Legendary


In Blade and Soul, Weapons, Soul Shields and Accessories are the main types of equipment. New weapons will be obtained as you progress through the story until the Ivorymoon Weapon is acquired, which will be upgraded and evolved through multiple stages by being offered either weapons or elements (obtained through the story, daily dash or transmuting). Evolving the weapon from stage 5 or 10 will require use of a breakthrough weapon and additional materials.

In the case of accessories, players are currently limited to using accessories obtained as either drops or storyline rewards. Following the update on April 12th 2017, completing act 6 of the story will reward the player with a set of Pinnacle accessories, which are currently the best non-elemental and non-legendary accessories available.


To read more about the weapons of Blade and Soul, check out the Weapons page.
Weapons can only be equipped by their respective class.

Gems and Weapon Sockets[]

Gems can be added to your weapon to provide additional stats. Weapons cannot have more than one gem of the same color, regardless of shape or quality. In order to use a gem, the weapon must first have an open socket.

By default, weapons have one open socket. Opening additional sockets require Gem Hammers and a monetary fee that increases with the weapon's evolution. Also note that upgrading to Legendary (Baleful/Seraph weapons) will reset gem sockets. Opening additional sockets for legendary weapons requires Legendary Gem Hammers.

Silverfrost Weapon Sockets[1]

Socket Number Gem Hammers Required
1st Free
2nd 1 Gem Hammer
3rd 1 Gem Hammer
4th 3 Gem Hammers
5th 5 Gem Hammers
6th 8 Gem Hammers
7th Gem Hammers
8th Gem Hammers

Legendary Weapon Sockets[1]

Socket Number Legendary Gem Hammers Required
1st Free
2nd 2 Legendary Gem Hammers
3rd 5 Legendary Gem Hammers
4th 7 Legendary Gem Hammers
5th 15 Legendary Gem Hammers
6th 22 Legendary Gem Hammers
7th 22 Legendary Gem Hammers
8th 22 Legendary Gem Hammers

Pet Aura Sockets
Socket Number Legendary Gem Hammers Required
1st 5 Legendary Gem Hammers
2nd 15 Legendary Gem Hammers
3rd 45 Legendary Gem Hammers
4th ? Legendary Gem Hammers
5th ? Legendary Gem Hammers
6th ? Legendary Gem Hammers

Soul Shields[]

Soul Shields improve a character's attributes, but only while the character is clothed (i.e. wearing a costume). Soul Shields may improve stats like Health, Critical Hit, Defense, Accuracy, Block, Evasion, Piercing, and Critical Defense. Soul Shields themselves may also be improved through infusing, a process which consumes Soul Shield Primers to improve the attributes of the Soul Shield receiving infusion.

Soul Shields may also provide cumulative set effects when equipped in groups of 3, 5 or 8. It is important to note that mixing groups of soul shields has become a common practice to maximize one's damage output.

(For example, 5 pieces of the Asura Soul Shield set with 3 pieces of the Yeti Soul Shield set used to be Best in Slot because the combination allowed the user to receive the 5 AP bonus and 7% critical hit damage from the Asura set, alongside the Piercing and high critical hit stats from the Yeti set.)


Outfits, primarily cosmetic in nature, may also provide a secondary PvP function. If a player equips a faction outfit, that player will be flagged for PvP against players of the opposite faction. Most available outfits can be referenced and visited in the in-game Wardrobe (ONLY for premium membership players). Certain outfits, like Driven, have not been added to the wardrobe. For further information, visit Blade and Soul Wiki's Outfit section.

It is also worth noting that Soul Shields only work when the player has an outfit equipped.


A large variety of foods and potions can be crafted with the Acquired Taste and Silver Cauldron professions, which can be obtained from mob/boss drops or other ways.

Here are some basic Healing Properties of basic foods/tonics

  • Dumpling - Restores 100% health over 20 seconds. CD of 2 seconds.
  • Healing Tonic - Restores 30% health over 12 seconds. CD of 60 seconds.
  • Lucky Health Potion - Restores 5,000 health over 8 sec. Increases Health Regen by 100 for 10 min. ; the effect stacks up to 5 times. Cooldown 1 min.
  • Fortune Potion - Restores 30,000 health. Increases Health Regen by 200 for 10 min.; the effect stacks up to 5 times. Cooldown 15 sec.
  • Large Fortune Potion - Restores 20,000 health. Increases Health Regen by 200 for 10 min.; the effect stacks up to 5 times. Cooldown 15 sec.
  • Hongmoon Special Potion - Restores 48,000 health. Increases Health Regen by 200 for 10 min. Cooldown 15 sec.

Various consumables must also be used to unlock various Hongmoon Skills.

For example, the left-click Hongmoon Skill is unlocked by consuming Ocean Essence, Deep Sea Weed, Evil Spirit Root, Golden Honey, Fog Mushroom, and the Hongmoon Pellet.[2]