In the Hall of the Monkey King

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Campaignquest.png In the Hall of the Monkey King
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 21
Preceded by What Have We Learned?
Followed by The Sky's Burden
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Rewards 27200 XP
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Ogong have benefit of many centuries to acquire wisdom and grow as person. But Ogong not always so considerate of humans. Long ago, in Ogong youth, Ogong believe only in fighting and mischief. Ogong fight and train, always wanting to prove strength to world.

One day, Ogong have become so strong even Heavens above recognize Ogong's might. Sages in Heavens say, 'Ogong so strong, why no direct energies towards establishment of better world for all?’ Ogong not think much of this, because he think to self. 'What is in such pursuits for Ogong? How this make Ogong stronger?' But Sages invite Ogong to Divine Realm, rare privilege to any. Ogong strong, but dare not incite rage of gods. So Ogong go, speak with Sages. In end, he pay them little mind. Sages cannot tell Ogong how helping them make Ogong stronger. For so- called 'sages,' Ogong think them dumb.

But before Ogong return to Earthen Realm. Ogong do something he should not have done. Something unforgivable. Ogong eat peach from great Tree of Immortality. Fruit of Immortality was gift reserved for sages who spend countless years in pursuit of enlightenment. For mortal to consume tasty god-fruit was thought sacrilege. Gods become angry! Gods use power to strike Ogong dead. One problem with plan: Ogong now beyond reach of mortal judgement. Ogong return to life. This scare Sages in Heaven, but what can do?

For many years, Ogong use undeserved gifts to bully others and make trouble all throughout Eastern Continent. Ogong not proud of actions. Over years Ogong challenge many great warriors, defeating all. Then unthinkable happens. Man named Hong change how Ogong think of puny bipedal creatures. Earthbreaker Hong was 'Guardian.' He challenge Ogong, and Ogong lose! Ogong gain much respect for Earthbreaker. Ogong consider deeply words of strong man, stops mischief.

Immortality punish Ogong in way gods never can. Centuries pass, family and friends grow old and die, but Ogong stay the same. Ogong grow sad and lonely. In great period of introspection, Ogong consider his fate and responsibility to Earthen Realm. After much thought, Ogong decide he lead Simyu tribe into new era! Ogong teach his philosophy to Simyu people who think him god. Many more centuries come. Then Guardian called Iksanun arrive to plead for Ogong help. lksanun say, 'Great darkness approathes. Student of Hong need chi!' Ogong no forget past. If student's need is true, then Ogong no can refuse request!

Objectives[edit | edit source]

-Travel to Monkeystone in the southern Lycandi Foothills

-speak with Ugum

-Speak with Doyuham

-Speak with Iksanun

-Speak with Ape King Ogong at the Hall of Ogong

-Defeat Ape King Ogong

-Speak with Ape King Ogong

-Use [F12} menu to select the "bow" command, or type "/bow" infront of Ogong

-Speak with Iksanun

-Side Note- can do solo if you can fight a couple lvl 42 mobs, ~15k hp each, Ogong was defeated after a couple hits.