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Subquest.png I Feel a Draft
Type Side
Daily No
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Level 4
Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Chulwan
Starts in Bamboo Village
Also occurs in
Ends in Bamboo Lookout
Turn in to Mokdun
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 300 XP
1 Blackram Critical Soul Shield
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Available during Campaignquest.png Act 1 Chapter 5: The Recovery before going to Everdusk.


  1. Speak with Chulwan
  2. Speak with Mokdun
  3. Obtain Limsu's Blackram Battle Plans from the Abandoned Well
  4. Speak with Mokdun


1. Speak with Chulwan

"This place needs to be whipped into shape!"
"Bamboo Village is full of namby-pamby softies! That's why the Blackram Marauders keep attacking. I mean, just look at the wuss Gwan Chulsu. He's worthless! He's also a treasury-fund kid. His family owns a bunch of property. When he gets low on funds, he just sells off another parcel of land. He's never worked a day in his life. That changes now. Take this certificate to Mokdun at the Bamboo Lookout in Everdusk, and tell him it's from Gwan Chulsu. This certificate swears allegiance to the Bamboo Guard, and promises that Gwan Chulsu will show up as a new recruit for training. A fun little scheme, huh? Believe me, this is for Gwan Chulsu's own good. He needs to fight for something, believe in something! He'll thank me later. And if not, I still want to see the look on his face when the Guard comes calling. Hah!"
"Mokdun, meet new guard Gwan Chulsu. Oh, this is too good."

2. Speak with Mokdun

"You're from the same school as Captain Dochun, right? I shouldn't be impressed at your fighting skills in that case. It's my pleasure to make your acquaintance."
I have this certificate from Gwan Chulsu.
"Huh? What's this. Gwan Chulsu joining the Bamboo Guard? Oh, this is from Chulwan, isn't it? That woman is always getting Gwan Chulsu into scrapes. He's a layabout, but who wouldn't want to easy life, right? But much more important than all that, Blackram Marauders have been spotted in the area! South Fleet remnants from the invasion are gathering in the Abandoned Well to the Southwest. Yikes! They could possibly be grouping for another attack. And what's worse? Our scouts tell us that Taskmaster Limsu has been spotted with these Blackram stragglers. This is NOT good. We need to know more about Limsu's operational strategy. Why has he come here? And what is his splinter group planning? We need to infiltrate the well and steal his battle plans. Real spy stuff! Unfortunately, we're busy enough just trying to keep the lookout secure. Captain Dochun has expressed full confidence in you. Can you do this task for us? Can you be our temporary spymaster?"
I will do it.
"Awesome! Venture into the well, deal with Limsu, and find those Blackram Battle Plans. And here's a handy top: if you find yourself surrounded, grab a Lantern Imp and heave it at the Blackram. That'll give 'em something to think about!"
I will use the Lantern Imps.
"You've got a good head on your shoulders, warrior. Don't lose it!"
"Don't forget to throw the Lantern Imps!"

3. Obtain Limsu's Blackram Battle Plans from the Abandoned Well

Blackram Agent: "It's the enemy!"
Blackram Taskmaster Limsu: "Here's what we do to spies!"

4. Speak with Mokdun

"You're back! Did you retrieve the plans?"
"Haha! I can tell just by the look on your face. You did it! Did you give Limsu a good walloping? Do you have the Blackram Battle Plans?"
Here are the battle plans from Limsu.
"Yes. This is exactly what we need to stop the Blackram efforts in Everdusk. I'll analyze this and send a report to Bamboo Village immediately. Well done, spymaster! Every man and woman in the Bamboo Guard can rest a little easier, thanks to you."
"Watch out, Blackram. There's a new spymaster in town."