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As of 2/8/2017 Hongmoon Weapons are now legacy. Feel free to salvage yours for an appropriate replacement from the new series.[1]

The Hongmoon Weapon series were the first group of heroic tier weapons accessible to players. They were given for free during the campaign quest Campaignquest.png Dodan the Hero . The next weapon in this progression is the Awakened Blight Weapon.
For more details go to specific weapon page or visit specific weapon category to see full Hongmoon Weapon evolution path for that category.

Class Weapon Name
Assassin Hongmoon Dagger
Blade Dancer Hongmoon Lynblade
Blade Master Hongmoon Sword
Destroyer Hongmoon Axe
Force Master Hongmoon Bangle
Kung Fu Master Hongmoon Gauntlet
Soul Fighter Hongmoon Bracers
Summoner Hongmoon Staff
Warlock Hongmoon Razor