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Hongmoon School
Leader [[]]
Status Active
Base Heaven's Reach
Areas of Operation
Allies The Four Guardians
Enemies Mushin Zulia Yura
Notable members Dochun

"Honor. Compassion. That is the Hongmoon Way!
~ Master Hong

The Hongmoon School is a school of martial arts founded by one of the Four Guardians, Hong Sokyun, located on a floating island called Heaven's Reach off the Viridian Coast.

Master Hong created the school after retreating from the world following Jiwan's death. When the school first opened its doors, martial artists from all over the Earthen Realm traveled to Heaven's Reach in hope that they would be able to master the Hongmoon Arts. However, in the recent years before the storyline, Master Hong had since stopped taking as many students due to his failing health.

The Hongmoon Arts are known to be powerful, capable of combating great evil. Master Hong upheld the belief that only the most compassionate and honorable should wield such power and expected his students to always act selflessly, help those in need, uphold justice, and live with integrity.

Following Jinsoyun's massacre on Heaven's Reach and Master Hong's death, the school was left dilapidated and abandoned. When news of the last Hongmoon student's heroic feats throughout the land reached Bamboo Village, Gwak Chil, a former Bamboo Guard who was rescued by the hero, led a team to Heaven's Reach to rebuild the Hongmoon School.

Upon Dochun's request, the hero takes up the role of becoming the next teacher of the Hongmoon Arts with a new band of young students that they met along the journey.


In the Storyline of Act 9 Ryu will betray the Hongmoon School and kills Bunyang, Bunah and Jinbin.

Current Students[]

Name Class Status
Hero (nicknamed "Cricket") Varies Alive
Jinsoyun Blade Master Alive

Former Students[]

Name Class Status
Dochun Kung Fu Master Former Captain of the Bamboo Guards
Lusung Kung Fu Master Alive as the Raven King in Skybreak Spire
Gilhong Blade Master Deceased
Hajoon Force Master Deceased
Jinyung Kung Fu Master Deceased
Yungmuk Destroyer Deceased
Ryu Blade Master Betrayed the Hongmoon School and killed 3 student.
Bunyang Force Master Deceased
Bunah Force Master Deceased
Jinbin Kung Fu Master Deceased