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Heaven's Mandate
Heavens Mandate.png
Heavens Mandate Map.png
Boss Jinsoyun
Maximum Party 6
Available Modes Easy
Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP Easy 1,020
Required Level 1
Recommended Level 60HM8
Region Altar of Divine Will
Nearest Windstride Altar of Divine Will
Services Dspire.png Hpillar.png
Daily Quest Rose from the Past

Heaven's Mandate is the last encounter against Jinsoyun in her final demon form at the Dark Gate. She is looking to revenge the death of her master.


An altar constructed by Dark Emissary Jinsoyun to execute the Divine Mandate Ritual, a ceremony used to choose the next Emperor.

An Orb of Ascension.png Orb of Ascension is needed to fight Jinsoyun.

The Merchant of Wonders may appear after you defeat Jinsoyun!



Boss Level HP
Jinsoyun 59 61,300,000
Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary 59 72,300,000


Costume 60053 JinM col1.png Hongmoon Duster

Naryu Silver.png Naryu Silver

Frozen Feather.png Frozen Feather

Silver Scale.png Silver Scale

Spiritstone.png Lesser Demon Spirit Stone

Mirage Crystal.png Mirage Crystal

Hongmoon Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest.png Hongmoon Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest