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Hall of Templar Entrance

Hall of Templar Entrance

During the Grand Celestial Emperor’s reign, he appointed powerful automatons to continue his authority after his passing. The shield-bearing Templar was

one of these automatons.



At the start is a glyph floor panel that grants the “Fire” (also known as "Human"), “Earth”, or “Wind”(also known as "sky") glyph buff over your head depending on what is currently lit, with the floor panel changing glyphs every few seconds. Jumping will cycle the buff in the order: Fire -> Earth -> Wind -> Repeat.

Fire Buff

"Fire" Buff also known as "Human"

"Earth" Buff

"Earth" Buff

Wind Buff

"Wind" Buff also known as "Sky"

Following the floor panel is an instant death zone. The circle at the start applies a 7 second shield that grants immunity to the death zone, and must be refreshed by standing on the circles in the death zone while matching the glyph buff to the displayed circle. Obstacles in the death zone are lasers that just do damage and more glyph floor panels.

At the end of the death zone, there are four locks. Four people (or someone dying/escaping and crossing the death zone again) need to deposit their glyph buff to disable the death zone and open the door to the boss.

The Templar[]

Hall of Templar Boss

HP: 230,900,000

Enrage: 6:00 CC

CC Bars: 6 times

Attack Pattern:

  1. 180 degree frontal sweep . Blockable
  2. Linear rectangular thrust into a very fast linear rectangular slam. First hit is unblockable, second hit is blockable, both cause knockback.
  3. Two AoE spins. Blockable
  4. Charges and fires a laser in front of it, leaving a damaging field. Bait it away & Side-Step
  5. Very fast frontal shield bash into a rear 180 degree sweep, both blockable, both cause knockback
  6. Shoots 3 AoE missiles at the three farthest people in order from farthest to closest. Resist only, causes aerial if failed to.
  7. Four frontal linear rectangular thrusts that become wider with each thrust Recommended to side-step
  8. Field-wide AoE burst, unblockable. CC’able

This boss is stationary; if the tank is too far, the boss does an unblockable AoE shield slam that causes knockback. Party protection is recommended in this situation.


At the start of the fight, the boss will look around, then all players will gain the Fire, Earth, or Wind buffs determined randomly. The boss will then do two AoE unblockable stomps that just do damage and can be jumped over.

A minute after giving everyone glyphs, the boss will look around again, and a message warns “The Templar sets Glyphs” and a random person will start uncontrollably floating and have all their abilities disabled. The boss will gain the glyph buff matching that person, and everyone must jump to match that glyph. After 5 seconds, the boss will release a field-wide AoE and anyone who doesn’t have the matching glyph will instantly die and the boss will heal 3% of its max HP per killed person. The floating person will then be harmlessly released.

Immediately after, the boss will look around once more and reset everyone’s glyphs.

Source: Shadovv; Hall of the Templar - Google Document ; 2018-08-01