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During the Grand Celestial Emperor’s reign, he appointed powerful automatons to continue his authority after his passing. The steed-riding Barrier Keeper was one of these automatons.

This Weekly dungeon is designed as one of the 12 man dungeons. It is not considered on a raid level but drops important items.

Clearing this dungeons allows you to get:

  • Fall of the machines dynamic quest which gives you either 2 grand celestial wings or 4 hive queen's wing
  • Breaking the barrier keeper Weekly quest which rewards you a solak dungeon reward chest and a few golds.


Hall Watcher[]

Hall of the keeper.jpg

HP: 65,000,000

Enrage: None CC Bars: 6x

Has the exact same attacks as the Terracotta Warrior in Tomb of the Exiled and Naryu Labyrinth.

Reinforcement Automatons (70%/30%): A message warns “Reinforcement Automatons have arrived” and the miniboss will release a field-wide unblockable AoE, getting hit by this will cause you to start uncontrollably floating with all abilities disabled for 10 seconds. At the same time, a large number of adds will spawn to support the miniboss.

The Barrier Keeper[]


HP: 202,700,000 Enrage: 6:00 CC Bars: Immune

Attack Pattern: Double 180 degree frontal sweeps, blockable. Rectangular stomp under it into a rectangular stomp in front of it + Conal dark breath behind it. All hits are blockable, the stomps cause aerial. Slams its staff into the ground creating an AoE under it, shortly followed by an outer ring, then releases a shockwave around it. All unblockable, the AoE rings cause knockdown, and the shockwave causes knockback and can be jumped over. Linear rectangular stomp to the front of its sides into a linear rectangular clap + Conal dark breath to its rear right, directly behind, and rear left. All blockable, the stomp and clap causes daze. Fires an AoE blast at the farthest person, inflicts aerial, blockable. Conal stomp to its front left, front right, rear left, and rear right, all blockable.

Barrier: Periodically a message warns “The Barrier Keeper summons Binding Barriers” and four cylinders appear at 2, 4, 6, and 8 o’clock positions on the squares near the edge of the room. Sometime after, a message warns “The Barrier Keeper summons Destructive Barriers” and four cubes appear at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions on the circles in the midsection. When the cylinders or cubes are created, the boss releases three blockable field-wide rapid AoEs.

Touching the cube applies a 10 second “Soul Sacrifice” buff that must be carried over to the cylinder. On entering the cylinder, the carrier will then receive “Restrain” and be dazed which can be broken out of using Retreat or Second Wind, and the cylinder will release an unblockable explosion around it and be destroyed.

Failure to remove the cylinders will cause them to release a field-wide explosion and grant the boss a stack of “Barrier Absorption” that lasts until a cylinder is destroyed in subsequent phases, on 4 stacks the boss will enrage and wipe the raid.

Source: Shadovv; Hall of the Keeper - Google Document ; 2018-08-01