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Brother Hajoon
Title Hongmoon Brother
Faction Hongmoon School
Level 30
Race Lyn
Gender Male
Class Force Master
Profession [[]]
Location Moves with storyline
First Quest
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Things may seem bad now, Cricket. But don't lose hope.
~ Hajoon

Hajoon is a young Lyn disciple of Master Hong at the Hongmoon School in Heaven's Reach.

History[edit | edit source]

Hajoon was an orphan who grew up in Jadestone Village. He befriended another Lyn girl in the village named Bak Gaha, who would often sneak him food from her home. When he left to study at the Hongmoon School, he would frequently return to Jadestone Village to visit her, bringing her small shells as gifts. It is implied that he had a romantic relationship with Bak Gaha. He spoke of his Hongmoon brothers and sisters fondly and how through them, he was finally able to experience the joys of having a family.

Hajoon was the most mischievous of the Hongmoon disciples, often joking around and playing pranks on the hero. Despite always teasing the hero, he truly cared for them and wished to see them become a true disciple.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

On the day that the hero was given the Martial Tome and accepted as a full-fledged Hongmoon disciple, Jinsoyun and her followers attacked Heaven's Reach. He fought off the fiends while the hero went to go check on Master Hong and the others. During the attack, Hajoon was flung from Heaven's Reach into the ocean. Surviving the attack, he searched quickly for any other surviving students and is relieved to discover that the hero was still alive.

Realizing that he had been corrupted by Jinsoyun's Dark Chi, he knew that he had very little time to offer some training help to the hero who had only just become a Hongmoon student. He sends a letter to the hero calling them to various Secret Training Rooms throughout the Viridian Coast in order to teach them the basic skills of the hero's class. He utilizes shadows of himself, training dummies, hired helpers, and even nearby enemies to train the hero. (See Path of Hongmoon for the training quests.)

Eventually, Hajoon will send the hero a letter regarding their 'last training session', emphasizing that they don't have much time left but not specifying why. When the hero arrives at the final Secret Training Room in the Goldleaf Foundry, they will comment that Hajoon doesn't look very well. Hajoon will dismiss all their concerns and ask that they focus upon the last set of training combos before the Dusk Adders come and attack them. Hajoon asks the player to fight alongside him in order to escape the area together.

When the threat has been averted, Hajoon explains that he had been dying since that day on Heaven's Reach, slowly succumbing to Jinsoyun's Dark Chi. He fought off the effects of the Dark Chi for as long as he could in order to teach the hero as much of the Hongmoon Arts as he could before he passed away. Bestowing the legacy of the Hongmoon School upon the hero, he passes away, his spirit leaving his body for the Spirit Realm.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Heaven's Reach

Abandoned Well

Bandit Hideout

Dusk Adder Stronghold

Depleted Goldmine

The Dreamdrift

Goldleaf Foundry

Quests[edit | edit source]

Prologue: Paradise Lost

Act 1: Into the Woods