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Title Captain of the South Fleet
Faction Blackram Marauder
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Race Jin
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Viridian Coast
First Quest
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My ship! You'll pay for that!
You filthy bilge rats! I'll be back!
~ Captain Gwon

Captain Gwon commands the South Fleet of the Blackram Marauders off the Viridian Coast.


The Blackram South Fleet has had a long standing battle with the Bamboo Guard, with raids happening frequently along the coastline. Bamboo Guard Captain Dochun finally managed to capture Gwon at some point and had him locked away. Dochun's daughter, Namsoyoo came visiting one day and Gwon immediately falls head over heels in love with her. Bamboo Guard Bumbak, who is really a Blackram spy, freed him from his imprisonment.

Promising to take her away from Bamboo Village and the life of an empress, Namsoyoo sent the Blackram Marauders information regarding the Bamboo Guard including when their munitions were low and when their guard shifts changed.

First Arc[]

After the Bamboo Guard infiltration at the Blackram Narrows and the loss of Lieutenant Wungsam, Captain Gwon leads the south fleet on a large scale raid on Bamboo Village. He battles Dodan in Dochun's House, making quick work of him before heading off to the Lighthouse where Mayor Daygu and Namsoyoo fled to. He kills Daygu having no more need of him. Namsoyoo chides Gwon for being late while he thanks Namsoyoo for her help with the raid. On Namsoyoo's request, he goes to finish the hero off but finds himself outmatched. He calls for a glider, grabbing Namsoyoo, and flies away.

Several days after their attack on Bamboo Village, Gwon and his crew are at sea, drinking and eating. Gwon is saddened by the death of his brother Wungsam, but at the same time happy to finally have Namsoyoo with him. Jinsoyun and her followers suddenly arrive on the ship through a Dark Dragon Pulse to take Namsoyoo away. Gwon initially believes they are call girls sent by his crew, but upon the realization that they plan on taking Namsoyoo from him, he battles them. Gwon is heartbroken to see Namsoyoo willingly agree to go with Jinsoyun, leaving him with severe wounds. Even so, he forgives her and wants nothing more than to have her back.

His crew takes him to the East Fleet Blackram Trove where they have the kidnapped Hogshead Doctor Han Yunsu look after him. However, the Blackram East Fleet views Gwon as a failure for struggling so much against the Bamboo Guard. They steal the doctor's medicinal supplies, preventing Gwon from being treated. The hero arrives and helps retrieve the tools necessary to heal Gwon. Gwon reveals that his injuries are from a run-in with Jinsoyun.

Gwon heals as best he could from his injuries before going in search of Namsoyoo. He discovers her new role as Royal Talus Concubine at the palace in Zaiwei and sees his chance to see her if he wins the Royal Martial Arts Championship. However, in the preliminary rounds, he's defeated by the hero. He blames his previous wounds for his loss, but is still determined to see Namsoyoo again.