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As a gun-toting wrecking machine, the Gunslinger is a unique martial artist; entering battle with dual wielding pistols capable of taking down the hardiest of enemies. Gunslingers can also make use of a special grappling hook that aids them in both offense and defense!

Visualizing their attacks as a “harmony of destruction,” the Gunslinger is seen as the maestro of combat, orchestrating an unstoppable barrage of gunfire against any opponents that get in their way. With lightning quick reflexes, this mobile shooter moves on the battlefield unlike any other warrior.

Gunslingers come to the table with an impressive array of skills that separate them from any other type of combatant. Able to channel the elements of Flame or Shadow, Gunslingers can generate special attacks that enhance their projectiles.

~ Official Class Description
Gunslinger icon.pngGunslinger
Gunslinger character.png
2/5, Easy
Jin, Yun, Lyn

Gunslinger (also known as Maestro in Korean, and Soul Gunner in other regions) is the eleventh class to be added in Blade & Soul.

The Gunslinger class is designed for mid-range combat, with most powerful damage dealer skill and evading with grapping hook that can be used for offense and defense.

In the first update of Gunslinger class, this class is only available for the Jin and the Yun. However, in Fire Dragon update NCSOFT has made the class is available for the Lyn.


This class has race limitations and is only playable with three races: the Jin, the Yun, and the Lyn.

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