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The previous version of this page can be found at Gems (Archived).

Gems are reusable items that enhance weapons (and special pet gems for pet auras). There are many shapes and many colors. Each color has unique effects. The more sides a gem has, the stronger that effect.

Shapes (in order weakest to strongest)

  • Triangular (3 sides)
  • Square (4 sides)
  • Pentagonal (5 sides)
  • Hexagonal (6 sides)
  • Heptagonal (7 sides)
  • Octagonal (8 sides)
  • Gilded Triangular (Golden 3 sides)
  • Gilded Square (Golden 4 sides)
  • Gilded Pentagonal Square (Golden 5 sides)

Colors and effects:

  • Ruby: Attack Power, Critical Hits, Additional Damage
  • *Diamond: Attack Power / Defense
  • Sapphire: Attack Power, Instant Recover, Critical Hits
  • Emerald: Attack Power, HP, HP over time, Critical Defense
  • Citrine: Attack Power, Critical, Life Drain
  • Peridot:Attack Power, HP over time, Recovery Bonus
  • **Obsidian: PvE: Attack Power, Mystic // PvP: Attack Power, Debuff Damage
  • **Garnet: PvE: Attack Power, Critical Damage // PvP: Attack Power, Critical Defense
  • Aquamarine: Attack Power, Life Drain, Focus Recovery
  • Amber:
  • Amethyst: Attack Power, Accuracy, Life Drain

*Diamond gems can be either attack or defense.

**Obsidian and Garnet gems have PvE and PvP version. There is no Hongmoon version of these gems.

Hongmoon gems can be transmuted/combined with 3 gems of the same shape and color and with some Hongmoon gem powder.

Hongmoon gems can be salvaged for gem powder.

Ruby Diamond Sapphire Emerald Citrine Peridot Obsidian Garnet Aquamarine Amber Amethyst
Triangular Triangular Amethyst.png
Square Hongmoon Square Ruby.png Hongmoon Square Attack Diamond.png Hongmoon Square Sapphire.png Hongmoon Square Citrine.png Hongmoon Square Amethyst.png
Pentagonal Hongmoon Pentagonal Ruby.png Hongmoon Pentagonal Attack Diamond.png Hongmoon Pentagonal Sapphire.png Hongmoon Pentagonal Citrine.png Hongmoon Pentagonal Amethyst.png
Hexagonal Hongmoon Hexagonal Ruby.png Hongmoon Hexagonal Attack Diamond.png Hongmoon Hexagonal Sapphire.png Hongmoon Hexagonal Citrine.png Hexagonal Garnet 2.png Hongmoon Hexagonal Amethyst.png
Heptagonal Heptagonal Attack Diamond.png Hexagonal Peridot.png Heptagonal Obsidian.png
Octagonal Octagonal Diamond.png Octagonal Sapphire.png Octagonal Citrine.png Octagonal Peridot.png Octagonal Amethyst.png
Gilded Triangular Gilded Triangular Amethyst.png
Gilded Square
Gilded Pentagonal Square