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Upgrade Materials
Gem Hammer
Icon for Gem Hammer. Add a socket.
This hammer adds a gem socket to a weapon. The number of Gem Hammers required to unlock a gem slot varies depending on the particular weapon, the slot being unlocked, and may increase as the weapon advances. Gem slots may be reset or lost at certain advanced points in a weapon's upgrade path. This item cannot be used on Legendary weapons.
Processed Goods
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Processing Rate
Gem Hammer.png = [[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]]

Acquired from
Campaignquest.png Daily Quest Reward Chests
Requires Level
by All
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Bound to Account
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Sell Price   1 Copper.png
Purchase Price  
Purchase Price  {{{zen}}} Zenbean.png
Purchase Price   {{{nc}}} Store Charge.png
Purchase Price   {{{hmp}}} Hongmoon Point Icon.png
Purchase Price   {{{bravery}}} Grocery Coin NokRimBoss.png
Purchase Price   {{{bpoint}}} Map DragonFruit Nomal.png
Purchase Price   {{{henergy}}} Quest blue ball.png
Purchase Price   {{{senergy}}} Solar energy.png

Gem Hammers can only be used out of combat and will add a gem socket to the weapon. The amount of Gem Hammers needed to add a socket depends on the weapon (normal/legendary) and the amounts of sockets already added to the weapon:

Socket Number Gem Hammers Required
1st Free
2nd 1 Gem Hammer
3rd 1 Gem Hammer
4th 3 Gem Hammers
5th 5 Gem Hammers
6th 8 Gem Hammers

Note: Upgrading Legendary weapons requires Legendary Gem Hammers.