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Fugitives is the 26th chapter of Act 4: The Cost of Revenge in Blade & Soul where the Hero makes their way to Herbalist's Lodge to help Yunma Fei, Emperor Yunma Kahn, and Junghado rally allies for the fight ahead against Jinsoyun, but their plans are interrupted as the Talus military continues hunting them down.

Campaignquest.png Fugitives
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 26
Preceded by Mother's Garden
Followed by The Frozen Rise
Given by Yunma Fei
Starts in Herbalist's Lodge
Also occurs in Shiverstone Range
Herbalist's Lodge
Arctic Horn Beak
Herbside Inn
Ends in Herbside Inn
Turn in to Juwol
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Rewards 153000 XP
0Gold.png 63Silver.png 0Copper.png
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"Your Majesty, you must go," Baekmuki said to Yunma Kahn. "We will buy you some time."

Yunma Kahn regarded his soldiers. They were all bound to die because of his mistake. Kahn knew he should have never trusted Jinsoyun. She told him that the Divine Mandate ritual would prove to all the disbelievers that Kahn was the true heir. All he had wanted was to unite the Empire, and instead, he had doomed them all. Yunma Kahn ran his fingertips over the Imperial Seal one more time.

"My death won't mean much to Jinsoyun," Kahn said, handing Baekmuki the Seal. "This is what she truly wants. Keep it safe, and please, protect my daughter. Don't let Jinsoyun take her, too!"

Kahn left his armor and weapon with Baekmuki.

"I'm trusting you with the Dawnblade, old friend," he said with a sad smile. "May we meet again."

Kahn snuck out under the floorboards as Baekmuki gathered his troops. The once-Emperor crawled through the murky sewers as the soldiers clashed weapons and gave their lives in his name. Finally, there was silence. Kahn peeked through a grate. In the light of the moonlight stood two silhouettes surrounded by fallen bodies. He recognized Jinsoyun's svelte frame, but he had no idea who was in the massive suit of armor...


Yunma Fei

"Do you know General Byunga? His bravery is matched only by his temper, which is perhaps why he was sent to this frozen expanse. His forces are larger in number, and he is an inspired leader. If you can secure his aid, we will be a force to be reckoned with."


  1. Speak with Yunma Fei
  2. Collect Steambloom in the Arctic Hornbeak Habitat
  3. Return to Yunma Fei
  4. Talk to the Underboss approaching the Herbalist's Lodge
  5. Defeat Underboss Husam
  6. Defeat the soldiers
  7. Defeat the soldiers and take their Orders
  8. Read the Orders
  9. Speak with Yunma Fei
  10. Go to the Herbside Inn
  11. Speak with Yehara
  12. Talk to Juwol



After helping Yunma Fei recover the Royal Seal from Elderblossom Veil, she will travel to Herbalist's Lodge in Shiverstone Range and ask the Hero to meet her there. Upon arrival, she will be with Emperor Yunma Kahn and Junghado. She will inform the Hero that in order to stop the Divine Mandate Ritual, they will need to acquire the aid of General Byunga, whose forces could lend them their aid in the upcoming battle ahead. However, before setting off to gain the trust of the general, Yunma Fei requires Steambloom, an herb known to make its users resistant to cold temperatures.

Head southwest of Herbalist's Lodge to find Steambloom in Arctic Hornbeak Habitat. On reaching Arctic Hornbeak Habitat, there will be Arctic Hornbeak monsters scouring the landscape and Snow Bulbari disguised as plants in the snow. The Hero will be required to collect 3 Stormbloom herbs, which are not often found in the wide-open areas of the quest range, so to avoid the monsters, avoid looking in those areas. The easiest places to look for Steambloom are in small-space areas with clustered trees. These herbs appear as small, fine-blue flowers, but are difficult to find due to their stems camouflaging in the snow, so look carefully.

Unexpected Guests[]

After collecting the Steambloom herbs, return to Yunma Fei in Herbalists' Lodge. On thanking the Hero, she will inform them of a strange noise happening outside. The Hero will tell her to stay inside while they handle the situation, but Yunma Fei will refuse, instead choosing to fight alongside the Hero if need be. The Hero will remind her of the importance of secrecy and to not reveal her location, to which she agrees, but reminds them to say the word and they will come to the Hero's aid. Lil' Bawon will rush into the building, exclaiming about the arrival of "scary soldiers" outside.

Exit the building and investigate the disturbance. Talus Ranger Underboss Husam and a Talus Tracker will be waiting outside. Husam will ask the Hero for the whereabouts of Yunma Fei, Yunma Kahn, and Junghado. Refusing to give any information, Husam will discover that they are in the nearby building and become hostile. Husam has higher health than the Tracker, so kill the Tracker first, then focus on Husam.

Once Husam and his tracker are dead, a group of Talus Trackers led by Talus Ranger Captain Chuno will arrive. A messenger will be among the group, who is sent back to base by Chuno. Outnumbering the Hero, the trackers will then become hostile and attack, but Junghado will join the fight, evening the odds.

Fight the trackers alongside Junghado and kill all of them. Once they're dead, Chuno will become hostile. He has significantly higher health than Husam, almost comparable to a dungeon boss, and can inflict high amounts of damage in a short amount of time, being able to kill the Hero if they aren't prepared with the right equipment.

  • If the player has low-level gear and low health, or is a glass cannon class, it's best to let Junghado draw Chuno's attention first before engaging him. Junghado has lots of health and can easily tank Chuno.
  • Using Joint Attacks, Stuns, and Knockdowns is the best way to kill Chuno, as he's susceptible to all three without requiring follow-up.
  • High burst damage will make short work of Chuno.
  • Chuno doesn't really have many special attacks or knockdown abilities, so it's likely you won't require Junghado to tank for you, but he still has lots of health, so it will be a long fight if the player can't deal enough damage.

Once Chuno is dead, Junghado will prompt the Hero to search him for his captain's orders. Search the loot he left behind and pick up the Talus Ranger's Secret Orders. Open your Inventory and interact with it. The orders will reveal that Talus scouts have reported seeing the Hero and their allies fleeing the prison and escaping to the northern mountains, prompting the Talus military to send any available forces to the expected location and capture them.

Herbside Inn[]

Go back inside the building and speak with Yunma Fei. She will bring up Master Dochun and express her concern for him and his allies. She will ask the player to go to Herbside Inn and check on Dochun and the others before making the next move.

At this point, the Hero can Windstride to Herbside Inn or run there. If the Windstride point remains locked, head south from Herbalist's Lodge, then head west past Arctic Hornbeak Habitat and Snow Dragon Camp to arrive at Herbside Inn. On arrival, enter the building west of the nearby merchants. You'll find Juwol, Yehara, and Yunsang inside.

Speak to Yehara. Yehara will remark on how her path crosses with the Hero's once again, then explain why she was tracking down and trailing after Yunsang and Juwol. Finding them, she remarks on how the two are building a more friendlier and budding relationship. The Hero will tell her they're looking for Dochun, but she doesn't know who he is, so she directs the Hero to Juwol.

Speak to Juwol. Asking where Dochun is, she will inform the Hero that she and her party lost track of Dochun around the Explorer's Base Camp, which is inhabited by Frost Banshees. Afterwards, she will tell the Hero that she, Yehara, and Yunsang are concocting a plan to sneak into Zaiwei and wait for the Hero there to stop Jinsoyun.

Finish the conversation with her, and the quest will be complete.



1. Speak with Yunma Fei[]

Yunma Fei
"What will you do now?"
I must stop the Divine Mandate Ritual.
Yunma Fei
"Well then, you'll need an army at your side. Do you know General Byunga? His bravery is matched only by his temper, which is perhaps why he was sent to this frozen expanse. His forces are large in number, and he is an inspired leader. If you can secure his aid, we will be a force to be reckoned with. One more thing. There is an herb called the Steambloom, said to ward off the cold when eaten. It would be quite helpful in our trek to the Silverfrost Citadel."
I'll find some.
Yunma Fei
"Thank you. The Dominion will track us here eventually, so please hurry."

3. Return to Yunma Fei[]

Yunma Fei
"Astonishing. The flower feels warm to the touch. Thank you, warrior. I... What's all that noise? Have they found us?"
Stay here. I'll go look.
Yunma Fei
"You will not face them alone!"
They may not know you're here.
Yunma Fei
"Hmm. You are right. Go investigate, then. You need only shout and we will come."

4. Talk to the Underboss approaching the Herbalist's Lodge[]

Underboss Husam
"You there! Have you seen two suspicious-looking men and a young woman around here? Tall? Dark hair?
That's half the population.
Underboss Husam
"Don't give me that attitude, cur! If you don't cooperate, I'll have the information beaten out of you!
There's nobody here.
Underboss Husam
"Dammit... the dispatch must have been using bad info to send us this far on a wild goose chase. Listen here, you-- wait, who's that in the building behind you? It's them! Soldiers, attack! Kill them all!"

8. Read the Orders[]

Talus Ranger's Secret Orders
"According to scouting reports, the escaped fugitives are making their way toward the northern mountains. The criminal who attempted to assassinate the Emissary is presumably dead from sustained injuries. The rest of the fugitives and those responsible for the jailbreak remain at large. All available forces are to track down and capture these criminals immediately. they are considered to be armed and extremely dangerous, so approach with caution."

9. Speak with Yunma Fei[]

Yunma Fei
"We are safe for now, but... Master Dochun remains injured. He cannot move as swiftly as we, should the need arise. Go to Herbside Inn and check on our friends. We will meet you at Silverfrost Citadel when we finish here. Be safe."

11. Speak with Yehara[]

"It seems our paths cross again, warrior."
What brings you here?
"I went to the Talus Dungeon when Yunsang was captured. A rumor was circulating that he had finally found his daughter, who was locked up, too. That was unfortunately false. But I thought it prudent to track Yunsang, thinking he may know something.
And you followed Yunsang here?
"Yes, and Juwol. It has been a kind of happy reunion of sorts. I feel a kinship to them both. He has told me stories of Yunwa's childhood. Even if I haven't found her, at least I know her better... Hmm. But, again, I'm being discourteous. What mission has brought you to Silverfrost, Jyan?"
I'm looking for a man called Dochun.
"Dochun? I'm afraid the name doesn't seem familiar. Juwol was the first to arrive, though, so you might ask her."

12. Talk to Juwol[]

"Between Yunsang's heavy breathing and Yehara's fan-flipping, I'm about to go crazy."
Have you seen Dochun?
"Dochun? Oh, the old man? I lost track of him around the Explorer's Base Camp. That area is full of Frost Banshees. I don't know if he made it. We were in no shape to go back for him. The Explorer's Base Camp is east from here. If he survived, he might be there."
Will you help me find him?
"What? Are you trying to get us all killed? The Talus are all over Silverfrost because of you!"
Will you help us fight Jinsoyun?
"Yes, of course. Dochun filled me in on her machinations. We can't let Jinsoyun succeed. But I will do it my way. I will sneak into Zaiwei and wait for you there."
How will you get in?
"Yehara and I have a plan. Don't worry about us. Worry about Dochun. the Talus Trackers will be looking for you, so be wary."