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Campaignquest.png Foul Mouths, Honest Hearts
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 8
Preceded by Legitimate Business Practices
Followed by The King of Thieves
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 139800 XP
45Silver.png 0Copper.png
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The man and woman stood, facing one another. The crushing silence between them only amplified the sound of the blood dripping from the woman's ravaged eye socket and down onto the tile floor. The man's face changed slightly. Did concern for the woman crease his face and furrow his brow? Perhaps. Or perhaps his face only reflected his acceptance of the inevitable. He turned, and as he walked away he uttered words which reverberated though the women's very being: "We are lovers no longer. You and I...we are enemies. To the death,"

Yunsang awoke from his troubled dream with a deep sigh. It felt like a lifetime ago, and yet the memory was as vivid as yesterday. Juwol...the very name sickened his heart. She was coming for him, and their second meeting was only a matter of if, not when. He needed another drink, but his jug was dry. Yunsang angrily heaved it against the wall. His lieutenant, familiar with the ritual, instantly arrived with a fresh bottle. Yunsang took the liquor without a word and drank it down. He had hoped the alcohol would erase her face from his mind, but he was wrong. "Forgive me, Juwol," he said, gazing at the ceiling. "I must find my Songbird. Only after that can you take my life."


  1. Speak with Granny
  2. Serve the food to the guests
  3. Speak to Geban
  4. Go to the Yes Men Temporary Quarters in Rural Outfitters
  5. Defeat the Yes Men Members
  6. Find Juwol in the Beastbog
  7. Find Daljen in the Beastbog
  8. Find Juwol in the Beastbog
  9. [Option 1] BOSS Defeat the Zoraxi Brigand and acquire the Antidote [Option 2] Defeat the Novice Lancers and Novice Gunners and take their Antidote Powder
  10. Return to the Yes Men Temporary Quarters
  11. Brew the Antidote and give it to Juwol
  12. Speak with Juwol