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Forgotten Tomb
[[File:Forgotten Tomb.jpg|350px|]]
[[File:Forgotten tomb.jpg|350px|]]
Boss Howling Beast
Maximum Party 6
Available Modes {{{modes}}}
Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region The Scorching Sands
Nearest Windstride Guardian's Vigil
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

The Forgotten Tomb is a Challenging dungeon located in the Scorching Sands which is the main area of The Cinderlands.


One of the hardest dungeons for new Players inside The Cinderlands despite beeing one of the earliest to access. It is advised not to give it a solo try but to go in with a party of 4-6 members. Upon entering players will walk a straight path fighting small hoards of skeletal watchmen until you reach the first major room. Inside you will notice a big closed stonegate across the room entrance and smaller closed gates on the left and right wall which are guarded by two skeletal gatekeepers on each side. Upon defeating the skeletal gatekeepers which were guarding the door they will open. It does not matter which room you enter first because u have to enter both to unlock the big gate anyways. If you choose to go right you will come into a small rather slender room with Shrine guardian statues on the wall left and right from you and a big statue at the end of the room. If you get close enough to the big statue it will aggro you and start attacking. During the fight the small guardian statues will come alive and attack you aswell. The other room on the left from the entrance is exactly the same room but with Ironfangs instead of guardian statues. Upon defeating both minibosses on each side the first real boss will spawn in the center of the main room infront of the big closed stonegate. He is a very big Ghoulish Hungry Ghost which you have to defeat for the big closed stonegate to open.

After defeating him the path will be open once more but the way is filled with skeletal captains and shamans which you can either defeat or skip by flying over them. The next room will be the same as before with a big closed gate across the entrance and the other rooms on the sides. These do not have gates but the entrances are covered with lightning which prevents you from entering those. After going to the rooms center one of this dungeons bosses called Glacial Tortoise will come out of the right room rushing towards the center of the room you're in. He is targetable after he reaches the center.

During the fight the Glacial Tortoise will summon its whelps to help in taking down the intruder. Once the Tortoise reaches about a fourth of its hp another boss will join into the fight coming from the other room rushing towards the center. It is the Howling Beast comming to the aid of the tortoise. The Howling Beast does not spawn any minions so it is advised to finish the Glacial Tortoise of before attacking the beast.

After Defeating both of the bosses a chest will spawn in the middle of the room and you will receive the dynamic quest for the dungeon which requires you to destroy the chest.


Boss Level HP Monsters
Ghoulish Hungry Ghost 36 130,900
  • Skeletal Shamans
Glacial Tortoise 37 156,200
  • Glacial Tortoise Whelps
Howling Beast 37 149,600
Sub Boss Level HP Monsters
Shrine Guardian Captain 36 31,240
  • Shrine Guardians
Glittering Ironfang 36 31,240
  • Shining Ironfangs
Mobs Level HP Monsters
[Skeletal Watchman]] 36 7502
[Skeletal Gatekeeper] 36 14,960
[Revenant Graverobber] 36 7502
[Shrine Guardian] 36 7502
[Shining Ironfang] 36 15,620
[Skeletal Shaman] 36 26,620
[Skeletal Captain] 36 30,030


  • Dquest.png The Howling


Locked Cinderlands Weapon Chest
Sealed Sacred Beast Critical Soul Shield
Sealed Glacial Razor
Sealed Glacial Sword
Sealed Glacial Lynblade
Sealed Glacial Bracers
Sealed Glacial Axe
Sealed Glacial Bangle
Sealed Glacial Dagger
Sealed Glacial Gauntlet
Sealed Glacial Staff
Healing Tonic