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Campaignquest.png Forcing the Enforcer
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 4
Preceded by A Crossing of Paths
Followed by Looking for Clues
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 88100 XP
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The only light in the "abandoned" warehouse came from candles, which burned flickering and low. An incantation was inscribed in a circle on the floor, and around it the Ebondrake emissaries stood in their black robes. Judge Jin Taipyung offered a bow and knelt in front of them.

"You have done as you were ordered, I pray," said one among the Ebondrake a woman, face hidden under a hood. "Yes," the judge replied. "The apprentice of the Righteous Blade rescued the slave boy, as commanded. " Jiwan is a savior to our people. Please..." Judge Jin was interrupted by another man in the shadows who stepped into the candlelight. This man was not Ebondrake; he was too confident, too conspicuous. and his presence instantly unnerved the corrupt judge.

"Who is this man?" Judge Jin demanded. The Ebondrake woman lifted her hood and spoke, a strange smile on her face. "This is Mushin, "She said, as if the judge should have known. "He is the greatest of The Four Guardians. And he is destined to become the lord of the world."


  1. Go northwest to the Granary
  2. Speak to Sopong
  3. Enter the Granary
  4. Rescue Storage Guards in the warehouse
  5. Follow Sopong
  6. Use the buckets near the wall to put out the fire
  7. Rescue the villagers from the warehouse
  8. Follow Sopong
  9. Use bombs to destroy the Lumang Bomb Crates
  10. Speak with Sopong
  11. Use bombs to destroy the Lumang Bomb Crates
  12. Defeat Dorin
  13. Speak with Sopong