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Skill icon summoner footloose.png
On a party member in Chi Recovery state

Decreases Chi Recovery time by 6 sec.

Range Area Cast Cooldown
30m Target Instant 1sec.
Skill Requirements
During Chi Recovery or on a party member in Chi Recovery

Description[edit | edit source]

Footloose is used to command the cat to quicken the Chi Recovery progress of a party member, or the Summoner himself, by 6 seconds.

On a Chi-recovering party member, approach them, let the LMB skill change in to the skill icon, then press Mouse left click.png

On the Chi-recovering summoner, press Mouse left click.png

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Reach level 20.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Footloose is best to use on a Chi-recovering party member when the cat is not the main tank. If it does, the boss may accidentally kill that member.
  • It is better to lure the boss away from a Chi-recovering party member, as its AoE can potentially finish them off. In case that the boss cannot be lured away, Petal Storm will protect that member from being killed for 10s.
  • Be wise when select between Footloose and Guard Duty, as you cannot cancel the command yourself. If you are still in dangerous zone, it is better to use the latter to protect yourself from harm's way.
  • When you're in Chi-recovering state, you can still command your cat to do CC and taunt. If you're in a safe place, just let the cat continue to tank, while you quietly recover your strength.
  • You might need to press Mouse left click.png more than once for the cat to respond to the command.