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See also Fighting Spirit, Fighting Spirit (Assassin)

Fighting Spirit
Kfm skill fighting spirit.png
Triggers Amplification effect for 10 sec. on all party members within range

Unable to reset cooldown

Critical Rate +40% during Amplification effect

Critical Damage +50% during Amplification effect
Drains 70% Additional Damage during Amplification effect
Kfm skill dragon claw.png Dragon Claw, Kfm skill burning fist.png Burning Fist, Kfm skill roundhouse.png Roundhouse, Skill icon kung fu master 1-1-5.png Cyclone Kick deal damage equal to 200% of Attack Power for 10 sec.

Full Focus Recovery
Range Area Cast Cooldown
Centered on Caster 50m circle Instant 1 min. 30 sec.


Kfm skill fighting spirit.png Fighting Spirit is a party buff for KFMs. As a party buff, its value is maximized when synchronized with other party buffs such as Placeholder.png Soulburn. Commonly referred to as Blue Buff (BB), it shares a 45 sec. party-wide cooldown with Fighting Spirit. As this is half the individual skill's CD, two BB users can alternate uses to maximize uptime.
It is primarily used to grant the party-wide buff Amplification, but it also gives +[2] damage to certain combo skills and recovers Focus for the user. Flying Kick KFMs also get 5 sec. of Buff Debuff Icon 04 48.png Wind Shear and Placeholder.png Howling Wind Shear and Resist up to 5 attacks.


Kfm skill fighting spirit.png Fighting Spirit gives all party members within 50m of the caster the Amplification buff for 10 sec. Amplification gives a flat 40% Crit, 50% Crit Damage, and 70% Drain on Additional Damage.
Kfm skill fighting spirit.png Fighting Spirit also gives the Resist Amplification buff for 45 sec., which prevents the player from gaining the Amplification buff again. Ideal party composition thus includes exactly 2 BB users to rotate usage of the skill.

How to obtain[]

Required Level 45