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Skill icon summoner farewell.png

Farewell[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Farewell is party revival skill, that will fully heal every party member, including the Summoner, who are crawling, chi-recovering, or dead. Upon revival, party members will be also resist status and damage for five second, preventing them from dying on spot again.

In order to use the skill, the Summoner has to be dead first. When that happens, the skill will be available for the Key Alphabet F 128.png button.

The skill comes with 10-minute global cooldown, preventing other revival skills to be used on the just-revived party members, and need the cat to be alive to cast it. It also has a long animation, and the cat may stop casting upon being CCed.

The skill cannot be stopped once it is cast, unless the cat is dead or get CCed

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

The skill is given during leveling progress.

Trait Trees[edit | edit source]

The skill has no trait tree.

Tips[edit | edit source]

It is easy to mis-press for Farewell when you try to use Guard Duty Skill icon summoner guard duty.png, which is also assigned to the Key Alphabet F 128.png button. Thus, when being killed, take a little time to observe the situation before start to spam F to call your cat back to your side. Sometimes, it's better to just let your cat doing the tanking instead, while you quietly recover your Chi in a corner.

If the cat is the main tank, or you die in the boss AoE range, there is a high chance that the cat will be also killed before the long animation of Farewell is done.

Since it requires the Summoner to be die first, Farewell is somewhat unreliable as party saver. Only attempt to use when you find the group is nearly wiped with more than one dead party member (include yourself).