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Factions are in-game World Players Verse Players organizations. By equipping corresponding outfit(s) for factions, players can flag themselves and do World PvP in the overworld. Each faction in the game has an opposing faction associated with it and players cannot attack players of other factions that are not the enemy of their faction. Note only the Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion are the only two main factions in the world that has more functions beside only to acquire achievements.

Turning in Prestige Points will increase your Contribution Points toward either Cerulean Order's or Crimson Legion's rank. Players can obtain Prestige Points by killing faction NPCs within the proper level range (This can be seen next to the name toward left with numbers). Executing players will not yield any Prestige Points unless the player carries some when killed. Having a higher reputation means one will less likely to be challenge by other PVPers when wearing Faction Uniforms in the overworld, also allowing players to purchase variety of items from faction merchants.

The Currency beside in-game money use to purchase items from faction merchants are Insignias These can be obtains through killing certain faction NPC bosses in certain maps. To summon faction NPC bosses, players must wear the corresponding opposite Faction Uniforms and kill a certain amount of faction NPCs to initiate summon. Party up with other same faction players is strongly recommended due to the fact faction NPC bosses are oddly powerful and have extremely high HP. The amount of Insignias yield for each kill of bosses varies, depending on how much damage per second (DPS) one dealt, highest DPS player will yield 2 Insignias and rest will only yield one per kill.

There are currently 10 factions in Blade&Soul.

Bamboo Guards VS Blackram Marauders[]

The first pair of local factions available for Viridian Coast maps. the Bamboo Guards and Blackram Marauders will be introduced immediately after players suffer the destruction of Heaven's Reach and rescued by Bamboo Guard Captain Dochan. Both Faction Uniforms will be given free as quests' rewards when player progress through Gloomdross Forest to Jadestone Village. Bamboo Guards will not attack unless players equip the Blackram Marauders' Faction Uniforms while Blackram Marauders will attack on sight regardless the outfits players are wearing. Purposes to wear these two factions' uniforms is to acquire variety of achievements and two uniquely beautiful outfits - The Ivory Specter and The Red Specter.

Cerulean Order VS Crimson Legion[]

Also known as the blue/red factions, the Cerulean Order (blue) and Crimson Legion (red) are two martial arts organizations that possess same goal - to revoke the corruption of existing empire and to repeal growing forces of dark martial arts yet each holds opposing views on how the peace should be maintained and how resources are shared. They are the main factions in the overworld.

There is a side quest in Bamboo Village called The Call of the Warring Factions that prompts the player to choose a faction.

If you did not decide to join Cerulean Order or Crimson Legion when received quest The Call of the Warring Factions the quest will prompts again after Chapter 17 of the main storyline, you will be forced to choose one. Once selected a faction, the corresponding Faction Uniform will be granted free as a quest reward.

By equipping Faction Uniforms for the Cerulean Order or Crimson Legion will give players access to faction-related daily quests (labelled by red arrow mark) which upon completion of each quest will reward varies of loots but all quests grant players only one Insignias.

If the player wishes to change factions, simply head to a Faction Changer. For each switch between these two factions cost 10 silvers and for the opposite Faction Uniforms that players do not own yet can be purchase from clothing merchants with cost of 6 silvers 50 coppers, they all can be found in the major establishments. The first one is Yisa in Jadestone Village.

Note these two factions NPCs will attack on sight if players do not wear their Faction Uniforms. Equip and execute actions to acquire achievements and higher tier of Faction Uniforms is purchasable only offered to higher faction rank members and/or requires certain amount of Insignias obtain from faction NPC bosses.

Stratus Empire & Tyrian Cultists[]

These two are the local factions based in The Cinderlands. PvP is available when wearing proper Faction Uniforms and only purpose is to acquire achievement(s). To acquire Stratus Empire uniform, players must complete certain quest to obtain; as for Tyrian Cultists' uniform, players must kill mobs taged (as if titles for mobs) "Tyrian Cultists" and have a set rate of dropping from mobs.

Skyhaven Resistance & Talus Dominion[]

These two are the local factions based in The Misty Woods. PvP is available when wearing proper Faction Uniforms and only purpose is to acquire achievement(s). To acquire Skyhaven Resistance uniform, players must equip Talus Dominion uniform and kill certain amount of times of Skyhaven Resistance faction boss to accumulate enough Insignias to exchange one; as for Talus Dominion's uniform, players must kill mobs taged (as if titles for mobs) "Talus Dominion" and have a set rate of dropping from mobs.