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  1. A Simple Test

Located in the Viridian Coast, north east from the Jadestone Village in the Dragonscale, this is the first quest asigned to either of the main factions: the Cerulean Order or the Crimson Legion. You are requested to obtain three pieces of soulstone crystals in an area that's in dispute by both factions.

Wispwater Spring[]

  1. Proof of Eligibility

Scorching Sands[]

  1. Blood-Soaked Rock
  2. Rescue the Alliance Captives
  3. For the Martial Alliance!

Razorwind Ravine[]

  1. In the Name of the Martial Alliance / In the Name of the Crimson Legion!
  2. Martial Alliance Soulstone War / Chaotic Legion Soulstone War

Hogshead Pasture Beach[]

  1. Rise, Martial Alliance!
  2. Glory to the Cerulean Order!

Misty Woods[]

  1. Stop the Poison inside the Fog / God Offal
  2. Re-gathered cat-and-dog / Orderly Bashin'
  3. Captive Rescue Operation / Freedom Above All
  4. Night Powler among the Confusion / Supplies and Demand
  5. No Rights for Villians / Switching Tactics
  6. Hongmoon Clan Imposter / Chaos to Order
  7. Bright Ore / Soulstone Provider