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To see a full list of all stats available in Blade and Soul, check out the Stats page.

General[edit | edit source]

Affects % passive evade chance, % damage reduction on counter, an evaded attack deals no damage.

Evasion stat points are used to compute the evasion rate which influences how often an attack misses and the improved counter bonus. The evasion rate is given as %=Evasion/(M*Evasion+A) where A=32.83 and M=0.0105. The maximum evasion assuming infinite stat points is given as 1/M=94%. (Values computed using level 45 Blade dancer class and verified on destroyer class). The chance on an improved counter is based on the evasion stat is given as %=Evasion/(M*Evasion+A) where A=9.97023 and M=0.003511. An evasion skill of 1550 would guarantee an improved counter.