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See also: Backstep (Kung Fu Master), Defender, Brawler

Allows Skill icon kung fu master 1-1-0.png Backstep to be used twice in a row
You can change and learn the following skill effects.


Kfm talent evader.png Evader is a Wind KFM talent. It allows a second Skill icon kung fu master 1-1-0.png Backstep at the cost of a 4 sec. higher cooldown.


Moves backward for 8m

Resists damage and status effects for 1.5 sec.

Can be used again 1 additional time within 3 sec.

+50% Movement Speed for 4 sec.
Triggers Buff Debuff Icon 04 48.png Wind Shear effect for 2 sec. on Resist

Decreases Buff debuff icon 01 38.png Searing Palm's cooldown by 5 sec. on Resist
Range Area Cast Cooldown
Centered on Caster Target Instant 8 sec.
12 sec.
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