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Ebon Realm

Ebon Realm.png
Continent Siverfrost Mountains
Zone Zaiwei
Region Unknown edit
Unknown edit
Services Vault.png Bonfire.png
Merchants General Merchant Icon.png Weapon Merchant Icon.png
Ebon Realm Map.png

An illusion created by the Ebondrake to showcase a new world. Auto-Combat is available here.


To enter, you must interact with the illusion located in Zaiwei, near the Cardinal Gates on the stairs leading to the Soul Wardens building. There's no available windstride directly to the Ebon Realm.

To leave, you can windstride to another location on the map or speak to Illusionist Kaejang and select Subquest.png To the Light .

Joining the Cross-Server Lobby or Epic Challenge will bring the player to Zaiwei instead of Ebon Realm once they exit it.




For details on each monster, visit Monsters.

  • Undead
    • Demonic Shaman
    • Skeleton Knight
    • Skeleton Warrior
    • Skeleton Shaman
    • Reanimated Soldier
  • Fiend
    • Bloodwing
    • Murking Lord
    • Ebonfiend Chopper
    • Twisted Ebonfiend
    • Ebonfiend Enforcer
    • Ebonfiend Striker
    • Hulking Fiend
    • Fiend
  • Armored Fiend
    • Blazefist
    • Demonic Knight
    • Demonic Warrior
    • Tainted Sentinel
    • Invader
    • Corrupted Slayer
    • Slayer
  • Corrupted Martial
    • Corrupted Ak Bul
    • Corrupted Cerulean Drill
    • Corrupted Crimson Drill
    • Corrupted Kung Fu Master
    • Corrupted Elite Destroyer
    • Corrupted Lancer
    • Corrupted Archer
    • Corrupted Shieldbearer
    • Corrupted Resident
    • Corrupted Blade Master
    • Corrupted Elite Force Master
  • Pigs
    • Yum Juh
    • Chang Juh
    • Corrupted Dondon
  • Skorpio
    • Grand Skorpio Demon
    • Tawny Skorpio Demon
    • Azure Skorpio Demon
    • Verdant Skorpio Demon
  • Wolf
    • Alpha Wolf
    • Wolf
  • Spider
    • Forest Spider
    • Weaving Spider
  • Bulbari
    • Lunar Grassquatch
    • Bulbari King
    • Bulbari

Common Rewards[]