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Dreamsong Theater
Dreamsong Theater.png
Dreamsong Theater Map.png
Boss Mazuko
Maximum Party 6
Available Modes Easy / Hard
Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP Easy 1,320 / Hard 1,620
Required Level 55
Recommended Level 60HM17
Region Street of Songs
Nearest Windstride Imperial Bazaar
Services Dspire.png
Daily Quest Setting the Stage for Revenge


An exclusive and mysterious theater where members of Dasari's upper crust attend a show they'll never forget.

The Merchant of Wonders may appear after you defeat Mazuko!


  • Dailyquest.png Setting the Stage for Revenge


Boss Level HP (Easy) HP (Hard)
Aibito 59 46,760,000 167,000,000
Kamahage 60 127,540,000 455,500,000
Mazuko 60 184,268,000 658,100,000


Common Rewards Easy Difficulty Rewards Hard Difficulty Rewards
Locked Weapon Chest.png Locked Dreamsong Weapon Placeholder.png Hidden Promises Treasure Chest Placeholder.png Dreamcatcher
Placeholder.png Forgotten Grand Celestial Soul Shield Rare Element.png Rare Element Placeholder.png Dreamcatcher Head Adornment
Placeholder.png Dreamsong Necklace - Stage 1 - Placeholder.png Dreamcatcher Mask
Placeholder.png Everstorm Regent Earring Chest - Placeholder.png Mazuko's Psyche
Placeholder.png Demon Fang - Placeholder.png Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest
Placeholder.png Onyx Scale - Rare Element.png Rare Element
Imperial Core.png Imperial Core - Placeholder.png Sealed Hongmoon Master Scroll
Placeholder.png Onyx Scale Fragment - Placeholder.png Triple Threat Pet Gem Chest
- - Placeholder.png Divine Splendor Psyche Chest
- - Placeholder.png Ethereal Vial

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