Dreamsong Theater

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Dreamsong Theater
Dreamsong Theater.png
Dreamsong Theater Map.png
Boss Mazuko
Maximum Party 6
Available Modes Easy / Hard
Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP Easy 1,320 / Hard 1,620
Required Level 55
Recommended Level 60HM17
Region Street of Songs
Nearest Windstride Imperial Bazaar
Services Dspire.png
Daily Quest Setting the Stage for Revenge

Overview[edit | edit source]

An exclusive and mysterious theater where members of Dasari's upper crust attend a show they'll never forget.

The Merchant of Wonders may appear after you defeat Mazuko!

Quests[edit | edit source]

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Boss Level HP (Easy) HP (Hard)
Aibito 59 46,760,000
Kamahage 60 127,540,000
Mazuko 60 184,268,000

Video Guide[edit | edit source]