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Campaignquest.png Divine Madness
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 35
Preceded by A Call to Arms
Followed by The Emperor Strikes Back
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Rewards 225,000 XP
72Silver.png 0Copper.png
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Snapjaw Sage Ashjaw "It is time to put your faith in humanity to the test. Any Talus soldier who can pick up a sword needs to join our fight. Find them and assist them wherever you can. We will hold the line here to ensure the allied forces have a clear path through the Dark Dragon Portal."


  1. Exit the Soul Ward and enter the Zaiwei Ruins
  2. Talk to Yunwa Fei in front of the Soul Ward
  3. Find Yu Chun at the High District Central Garrison
  4. Talk to Yu Chun at the High District Central Garrison
  5. Find and talk to Top Rookie Yuhui at the Ironsights Academy
  6. Use the Bombs from the Bomb Case to defeat Fiends in the Ironsights Academy courtyard
  7. Speak with Soha in the Ironsights Academy courtyard
  8. Go to Autumnbreeze Park and defeat the Demonic Warmongers
  9. Find and talk to King Feichi in Autumnbreeze Park
  10. Go to Leafshade Courtyard and rescue the children by infusing your Chi
  11. Talk to Yehara inside the Leafshade Courtyard
  12. [Option 1] Defeat Soulless Soldiers inside the Leafshade Courtyard and collect their Dog Tags [Option 2] Defeat the waves of fiends attacking Han Muki, kill the Spectral Scorpion Demon leading them, and acquire its Red Vigor Orb
  13. Read Yu Chun's letter
  14. Find and talk to Yu Chun south of the Zaiwei Royal Palace