Disciple of the Hongmoon School

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Campaignquest.png Disciple of the Hongmoon School
Type Campaign
Daily No
Class [[{{{class}}}]]
Act Act 0, Chapter 5
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Preceded by Master Hong's Summons
Followed by Training Begins
Given by Master Hong
Starts in Heaven's Reach
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Ends in Heaven's Reach
Turn in to Yungmuk
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Rewards 1 Training Weapon
Mouse left click.png Basic skills
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Yungmuk was surprised when Cricket revealed the Martial Tome which Master Hong had bestowed. Many students were never given the book; for others, it took five years or more. For Cricket to receive it so soon...it may have been a sign. Yungmuk had worked eight years to become a formal disciple; Lusung had worked six. What was so special about the Hongmoon School's newest student? It bothered Yungmuk that he couldn't pin it down.

But beyond Cricket's rapid ascension, and even beyond Master's illness, Yungmuk was concerned about the school. There were so few students left, and no new students since Cricket. Was Master Hong losing his passion for teaching? Were the days of Hongmoon School numbered?

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Show the Martial Tome to Yungmuk at the Duel Hall
  2. Open your inventory with the Key Alphabet I 128.png key and right-click on our weapon to equip it
  3. Follow Yungmuk

Progress[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Master Hong:
"Now that you have this book to study, you are ready to train in the Hongmoon Arts. I usually give my students more personal attention, but... I am not well.
Yungmuk is an excellent teacher. Take the book to him at the Duel Hall... Listen well and practice hard. I know you'll make me proud, Cricket!"
"Honor. Compassion. That is the Hongmoon Way!"

1. Show the Martial Tome to Yungmuk at the Duel Hall

"Well? Why did Master want to see you?"
He gave me this book.
"He did? The Martial Tome is only granted to students ready for more training." (Cricket has been accepted as a disciple so soon?)
What's it for?
"The book Master gave you contains all the basic Hongmoon fighting skills. You are a full member of the Hongmoon School! (Cricket must be amazing to receive the Tome after only three years.)
Which means that from this moment forth, you are a formal disciple of our clan. Congratulations, Cricket! I will personally oversee your training in the martial arts. (It took me much longer to be made an official disciple.)
Here, you'll need a training weapon. Go ahead and equip it."

2. Open your Inventory with the Key Alphabet I 128.png key and right-click on your weapon to equip it.

"Everyone, welcome the newest Hongmoon disciple!"
"Hurry up and equip your weapon."
"Oh, how wonderful! I'm so proud of you!"
"Cricket... your day has come."
"You made it, Cricket. You almost look like a warrior now."
"You're almost on the same level as me, Cricket."
"You may have become a disciple, but you're still on laundry duty."
"Well done, Cricket."
"I hope this means we could still be sparring partners."

3. Follow Yungmuk.

"Train yourself hard, and uphold the teachings of the Hongmoon School! We'll start with the basics. Follow me."