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Multiple types of currencies exist within the game. Each of them is obtained differently and have different usages.



This is the main currency which is rewarded by Quests, used to trade and to buy from local merchants. Premium players can also obtain money from monster drops. Gold can also be purchased via NCoin through the currency exchange market in-game.

It is divided into Gold, Silver and Copper units: 1Gold.png is worth 100Silver.png and 1Silver.png is worth 100Copper.png.

Celestial Peaches[]

Celestial Peach.png Celestial Peaches are obtained from special Celestial Basin Quests and are only used for purchasing items from Celestial Peach Exchanger Lee Youjin.

Draken Cores[]

Draken core.png Draken Cores are obtained from early end-game Heroic Dungeons and are used to obtain and upgrade various legendary items.

Valor Stones (deprecated)[]

Valor Stones are a former currency no longer used. They could once be obtained from Quests, Daily Quests or sometimes dropped by defeated mobs & bosses in Dungeons. There were different types for every then-existent zone:

Viridian Valor Stone.png

Viridian Valor Stones were obtained in Viridian Coast.

Cinderlands Valor Stone.png

Cinderlands Valor Stones in The Cinderlands.

Moonwater Valor Stone.png

Moonwater Valor Stones in Moonwater Plains.

Silverfrost Valor Stone.png

Silverfrost Valor Stones in Silverfrost Mountains.

All were Bound to Account and could not be traded. Each could be exchanged for various items such as Outfits and Soul Shields at their respective Valor Stone Trader, or at specific Wheels of Fate in exchange for the next tier of Valor Stone.


Faction Insignias[]

Grocery Token Faction.png

Faction Insignias can be acquired from completing Faction Daily Quests and from opposing faction mobs in Soulstone Plains. They are used for Clan Crafting and Clan Leveling. They can also be traded for items at faction merchants; for example, the Misty Woods Necklace, which is required to upgrade the Hongmoon necklace to True Siren, requires 30 faction insignias.

Contested Territory Insignias[]

Quest coin MuRimMeng.png Quest coin HonCheonGyo.png

Each Faction Contested Territory has its own kind of insignia. These are obtained from defeating opposing faction boss NPCs. They can be exchanged for Faction items at their designated Faction merchant, usually near the Territory where the insignias are obtained.

Contribution Points[]

Contribution points are needed to level up your rank within your faction. Some items acquired at faction insignia merchants require the player to be above a certain faction rank in order to be purchased. The list of Ranks and points needed to achieve each rank can be found on the Faction Ranks page.

Prestige Points[]

When fighting in Faction Contested Territory while wearing a Crimson Legion or Cerulean Order outfit, defeating opposing faction NPCs within three levels of the player's level will reward Prestige Points. Killing other players does not yield any prestige points unless they have themselves obtained prestige points which they haven't turned in for contribution points yet. The amount of points that will be rewarded by defeating a specific character can be seen to the left of their names.

Prestige Points are temporary faction currency and accumulate until traded in for Faction Contribution Points or until lost. The former are obtained in tiers as follows:

Prestige Points Faction Contribution Points Ratio
Coin Grade 2.png 1-10 1:1
Coin Grade 2.png 11-20 1:2
Coin Grade 2.png 21 and more 1:3

Prestige Points can be lost in many cases: if downed, if the Faction Outfit is removed, if the player changes channel, if Windstride is used, if the current region is left or if the player logs out or quits the game.

Zen Beans[]


Zen Beans are obtained from competing in 1v1 or Tag Matches. They are also rewarded for completing the Arena Match Daily Quests. Zen Beans can be used to buy various items from the Zen Bean Trader Dragon Trade Courier.

Map DragonFruit Nomal.png

Battle Points are obtained from competing in Whirlwind Valley or Beluga Lagoon, where two teams of six players fight it out with each other. They are also rewarded for completing the Battleground Daily Quests. Battle Points can be used to buy various items from the Battleground Trader Eosin.

A win will reward more Zen Beans or Battle Points than and a loss


Naryu Coin[]

Grocery Coin tokenIron.png

Naryu Coin is an endgame currency used for DragonBlood Recharge in Blackram Supply Chain (both 4 players and 6 players mode), and can also be exchanged for items at the Currency Exchange Merchant in front of E. Fleet Supply Chain's portal.

20 Naryu Coin can be turned into one Naryu Silver with the Dragon Express, or bought from the Dragon Trade Union Vault Manager.

Currently Naryu coin can only be obtained through E. Fleet Supply Chain mobs, bosses and chest rewards.

Naryu Silver[]

Naryu Silver.png

Naryu Silver is another currency used at the Currency Exchange Merchant in front of E. Fleet Supply Chain, to acquire evolution materials needed for Siren Tier of Weapon/Necklace/Earrings/Ring.

Currently can only be obtained through E. Fleet Supply Chain's Vice Admiral Poharan's drops, treasure chests, and daily quests rewards.

To obtain 1 Naryu Silver, exchange at rate of 20 Naryu Coin at Dragon Express or Vault Manager sells them as well.

Naryu Gold[]

Grocery Coin tokenGold.png

Currently not available in game.

Event Coin[]

Event Coin have a time period to be used before becoming antiquate

Ebon Bloom[]

Ebon Bloom.png Ebon Bloom This item is redeemable until 2021/6/15


Hongmoon Coin[]

Store SaleList.png

Hongmoon Coin is an alternative currency for Cash Shop items. It can be used the same way as NCoin in the Hongmoon Store by selecting the Hongmoon Coin tab instead, though with a more limited selection of items to buy. This currency has a slim chance of dropping from Daily Quests reward boxes.

By transmuting 10 Dragonstones at a cost of 10Silver.png with a Venture Token, Brilliant Venture Token or Sparkling Brilliant Venture Token, players can obtain various amounts of Hongmoon coins. A player's Premium Rank will also affect how many Hongmoon coins you might be able to transmute.

Different quality transmutes into different amount of Hongmoon Coins. The higher the tier, the greater the amounts players can get at once.

Achievement Points[]

Achievement Points are obtained from completing Achievements. The achievement NPC in Zaiwey's Merchant Square will allow you to purchase useful items and outfits if you have enough achievement points unlocked. Currently the most achievement points needed to unlock all items is 1,450.

Halfmoon Festival Tokens[]

Acc grass necklace.png

Can be obtained from Halfmoon Festival Daily Quests at Fishbelly Pub.

Currently serves no significant purpose other than completing an achievement and obtaining an outfit available for Lyn Male only sold the clothing merchant at Fishbelly Pub.

Dreadtide Tags[]

Grocery TooJunPae.png

Dreadtide Tags can only be acquired as well as used inside Dreadtide Arena. They are the only way to get into the tournament parts of the Dungeon and to get to the boss.