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Cold Storage
Cold Storage.png
Cs map.jpg
Boss Winter Mane
Maximum Party 6
Available Modes {{{modes}}}
Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Zaiwei
Nearest Windstride Central Garrison
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Cold Storage is a heroic dungeon located in Zaiwei in the Silverfrost Mountains.


Cold Storage is a dungeon that can only be run once per day unless a Cold Storage Reset from the Hongmoon Store or Daily Dash is used to reset it. This small dungeon consists of 1 mini-boss, Pulverizing Automaton, the main boss Winter Mane, and an additional bonus boss, Kaari Lord.

After the main boss, Winter Mane, is defeated, there is a merchant that spawns in the same room. Several items can be purchased from this merchant, including the Ice Weapon needed as evolution material to upgrade the weapon to the legendary Seraph Weapon. The following list shows the items the merchant is selling:

  • Locked Ice Weapon Chest
  • Stylish Guerilla Design
  • Feral Fang Design
  • Sentry Hairpin Design
  • Demon Spirit Stone
  • Stylish Fragment Pouch
  • Extravagant Fragment Pouch
  • Hongmoon Skill*
  • Frozen Lamentation Stone

Note: The skill is the same that can be obtained from the achievement merchant in Zaiwei or from Bloodshade Harbor.

The second boss, Kaari Lord, only appears if a White Orb is used in the northern area of the dungeon after the first boss has been defeated. One Player will need a White Orb orb, which can drop from the first boss, or can be acquired from the dynamic quest reward chest.

Note: If players leave the dungeon after the first boss is defeated, they can rejoin the dungeon at a later point to kill only the second boss. However, they can only join a party with players who also already defeated the first boss and have not defeated the second boss yet.


Though most parties tend to ignore mechanics for this dungeon, it is important for parties which may not have enough AP to kill Winter Mane before the enrage timer.

Whoever is the furthest away from the boss or is a ranged class will have higher importance than the melee classes.

After a few attack patterns, Winter Mane will roar and on-screen text will display information about a Pulverizing Automaton powering up. Right after this notice, Winter Mane will grind his cannon onto the ground and send a tremor towards any of the clusters of "sleeping" Pulverizing Automatons scattered around the room. Whoever is furthest from the boss or is a ranged class should take notice of this. Following the tremor, an Automaton will spawn from that cluster and the ranged / furthest player should start attacking it to generate aggro, causing the Automaton to follow him/her. These tremor-powerups will continue periodically happening throughout the rest of the dungeon.

The automatons will always travel in a straight line so the player with the automaton's aggro should ensure that he stays in a linear direction away from the boss. Should an automaton hit Winter Mane, a red spinning signal will appear at the top of the automaton and it will explode after about 5 seconds, causing a flashbang and damage to the party. These flashbangs can be iframed or resisted by party wide resist skills.

If an automaton is already on its way towards Winter Mane, any player can use block skills to stun the automaton, causing it to stay still for the stunned duration then changing direction towards the player that attacks it.

Over the course of the fight, Winter Mane will occasionally target the furthest player from him and send an ice tremor towards them, causing a freezing effect for an extended period of time (TBC). The targeted player can either iframe the freeze or get frozen. Normally the party will want this targeted player to be the person aggro-ing the automatons as well as if an automaton hits the frozen player, it will unfreeze them, destroy the automaton, and also apply a piercing buff to the whole party (10mins). This piercing buff can be stacked up to 5 times and is meant to negate the 5-stack defense buff that Winter Mane will gain over time throughout the battle.

Achievements and Titles[]

No titles can be obtained from this dungeon.

Ice to Meet You[]

Defeating Winter Mane leads to the following achievements and achievement points:

# Winter Mane kills Achievement name # points
1 Ice to Meet You 10
10 Chill Out 20
100 The Cold Shoulder 30
1000 Snow Time Like the Present 45

A Fishy Encounter[]

Defeating Kaari Lord will be rewarded with the following achievements and achievement points:

# Kaari Lord kills Achievement name # points
1 A Fishy Encounter 10
10 Beating the Bottomfeeder 20
100 Croaking the Catfish 30


Boss Level HP Monsters
Winter Mane 51 HM 1 4,920,800
  • N/A
Kaari Lord 51 HM 1 2,660,000
  • N/A


Defeating the first boss, Winter Mane, is part of the daily quest Dailyquest.png Snowed In and the dynamic quest Dquest.png Winter Wrap-Up . Defeating the second boss, Kaari Lord, is part of another dynamic quest called Dquest.png Lord it Over .

Dailyquest.png In the Dead of Winter

Dquest.png Winter Wrap-Up

Dquest.png Lord it Over

  • 20,000 XP
  • Freezing Orb


Loot Table
Sealed Ice Weapon
Sealed Ice Ring
Demon Spirit Stone
Stylish Guerilla Design
Feral Fang Design
Sentry Hairpin Design
Petal of Lament
Mysterious Crystal
Pink Penguin Pet

Frost Mane's Treasure
2x Freezing Orb
Extravagant Fragment Pouch
Ordinary Fragment Pouch
Stylish Fragment Pouch
Blue Orb
Gem Hammer
Green Orb
Naryu Tablet
Radiant Energy
Red Orb
Demon Spirit Stone
Freezing Orb
Honorary Ornament
Legendary Gem Hammer
Petal of Lament