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Circle of Sundering
Circle of Sundering.jpeg
Circle of Sundering Map.png
Boss Master Hong
Maximum Party Solo
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Cross Server Matching N/A
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Solak
Nearest Windstride Anjanara Monastery
Services Windstride.png
Daily Quest Sundered Reflections

Within the Circle of Sundering you’ll be confronted by your past, and challenged by the manifestations of your innermost thoughts. Should you emerge on the other side victorious—and having avoided falling into madness like so many before you—you’ll emerge even stronger.

Circle of Sundering is a solo dungeon located at the Anjanara Monastery in Solak. To enter this dungeon, players will need to have completed Act 8 Chapter 20: Restorations.

Tier One[]

Circle of Sundering Boss One.jpg

Boss Level HP Difficulty Enrage Timer
Yonkai 59 1,040,000 1/5 30 Sec.
Goyong 59 7,480,000 2/5 4 Min.
Loot Table

Tier Two[]

Circle of Sundering Boss Two.jpg

Boss Level HP Difficulty Enrage Timer
Juwol ?? 13,600,000 4/5 4 min. 30 Sec.
Loot Table

Tier Three[]

Circle of Sundering Boss Three.jpg

Boss Level HP Difficulty Enrage Timer
Dochun ?? 19,000,000 3/5 5 min.
Loot Table

Tier Four[]

Circle of Sundering Boss Four.jpg

Boss Level HP Difficulty Enrage Timer
Master Hong ?? 33,100,000 4.5/5 7 min.
Loot Table


Completion of the Circle of Sundering offers the following rewards: