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Chuanka Frost Caverns
Chuanka Frost Caverns.jpg
Chua map.jpg
Boss King Gizumo
Maximum Party 6
Available Modes {{{modes}}}
Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Shiverstone Range
Nearest Windstride Chuanka Frost Caverns
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Chuanka Frost Caverns is a Challenging Dungeon Located in the right side of the Shiverstone Range in the Silverfrost Mountains.


Chuanka Frost Caverns is the Home of King Gizumo, a fierce Balrog which is leading a small group of Chuankas. It is filled with Chuankas guarding the entrance and blocking the path to their king. The Dynamic Quest requires you to defeat "King Gi Jumo" which is King Gizumo, boss of the dungeon. It rewards you with "King Gizumo´s Expired Treasure". The Daily Quest of Chuanka Frost Caverns requires you to free 3 Npcs which are trapped behind ice walls. Afterwards the quests objective changes to -Defeat King Gizumo.


Boss Level HP Monsters
Iksatin 49 48,800
  • Iksatin´s Underling
Heavy 49 170,000
  • Nomad
  • Frostfoot
King Gizumo 51 3.135,000
  • None


  • Dailyquest.png Snowed In
  • Dquest.png Dethroned


Locked King Weapon Chest
Sealed King Block Soul Shield
Sealed King Earring
Sealed King Bracers
Sealed King Sword
Sealed King Razor
Sealed King Axe
Sealed King Lynblade
Sealed King Bangle
Sealed King Dagger
Sealed King Gauntlet
Sealed King Staff
Silverfrost Mountain Dew
Radiant Energy
Mirage Crystal

Dynamic Quest Rewards[]

Dethroned: Dethroned.jpg