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Cathedra Cliffs
Cathedra Cliffs 1.jpeg
Cathedra Cliffs map.png
Boss Storm Speaker Ayanka
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Everspring Forest
Nearest Windstride Valindria Waystation
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Cathedra Cliffs is a Heroic Dungeon located in Everspring Forest. The dungeon is intended for 6-player parties and is available in both Easy Difficulty and Hard Difficulty.


Long ago, the Avamar clan's home was demolished by the greed of humans as they attempted to find the next ruler with the Divine Mandate Ritual. Unable to live with what the humans had done, the Avamar has now stolen the legendary Elder Stone and reclaimed the Cathedra Cliffs by force, a place that the Khashabi tribe has guarded for generations. The brave kinsmen of the Khashabi who attempted to take back the Elder Stone have been captured and now sit imprisoned in darkened corners, wilting with no light. With the Avamar's great lightning and their newly acclaimed Elder Stone, the Avamar clan is ready to pass judgment on the sins of the world. Find their warlord Ayanka and stop their plan of vengeance.


  • Dailyquest.png Waiting in the Wings
  • Dailyquest.png The Avamar Incursion
  • Dquest.png Ayanka's Swansong


Boss Level HP (Easy) HP (Hard)
Steelfeather Champion Tanunga 61 182,120,000 628,000,000
Storm Speaker Ayanka 62 1,218,000,000 4,200,000,000


Common Rewards Easy Difficulty Rewards Hard Difficulty Rewards
Ayanka Ring Cathedra Soul Shield Chest Storm Seeker
Ayanka Earring Hidden Promises Treasure Chest Storm Seeker Mask
Elder Scale Fragment Rare Element Store Seeker Adornment
Locked Ayanka Weapon - Ayanka's Psyche
Cathedra Cliffs Bracelet Chest - Stage 1 - Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest
- - Rare Element
- - Sealed Elder Scale
- - Elder Scale
- - Pet Pack
- - Sacred Vial
- - Sealed Hongmoon Master Scroll
- - Triple Threat Pet Gem Chest
- - Divine Splendor Psyche Chest
- - Hard-won Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest