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Prologue: Paradise Lost[]

The Prologue takes place on Heaven's Reach and introduces the player to the basic controls of Blade and Soul. It also introduces the main conflict of the storyline - the pursuit of revenge for the death of Master Hong brought on by Jinsoyun.
See also Category:Act 0 campaign quests

  1. Awakenings
  2. Morning Time at Heaven's Reach
  3. Looking for Lusung
  4. Master Hong's Summons
  5. Disciple of the Hongmoon School
  6. Training Begins
  7. The Proving Grounds
  8. Twilight's Edge

Act 1: Into the Woods[]

Act 1 takes place on the Viridian Coast and explores the conflict between the Blackram Marauders and Bamboo Guard.
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  1. From the Water
  2. Captain Dochun
  3. Dodan the Hero
  4. The Bamboo Blossom
  5. The Recovery
  6. The Honorable Mayor
  7. Endless Dusk
  8. Pirates and Thieves
  9. Caught off Guard
  10. South Anchor's Away!
  11. Gone Fishing
  12. Deep in the Gloomdross
  13. A Bridge Too Far Gone
  14. Drinking Problems
  15. Grin and Bear It
  16. The Eight Masters
  17. The Test of the Eight
  18. Shroom to Grow
  19. Unearthed Plot
  20. Abandoned Post
  21. Child's Slay
  22. The Informer
  23. The Family Man
  24. Take a Message
  25. Up in Arms
  26. The Rescue Party
  27. Into the Fire

Act 2: A Fistful of Sand[]

Act 2 takes place in The Cinderlands and explores the secret of Divine Fist family.
See also Category:Act 2 campaign quests

  1. Stranger in a Strange Land
  2. You and What Army?
  3. Who Left Him in Charge?
  4. The Cult and the Lone Warrior
  5. The Trail of Dead
  6. Desperate Priestesses
  7. The Dark Glimpse
  8. Agents of the Stratus Empire
  9. Where There is Smoke
  10. The Burning Fields
  11. Doctor's Orders
  12. A History of Violence
  13. Into the Mines
  14. The Sand and the Fury
  15. Once Upon a Time in the Cinderlands
  16. The Gunslinger
  17. Everything's Coming up Lotuses
  18. The Book Thieves
  19. A Mirage in the Desert
  20. The Three Sages
  21. Mushin's Army
  22. Wings of Mushin, Silver and Gold
  23. The Problem with Ploggles
  24. Lighting the Fire
  25. An Overabundance of Spirits
  26. The Mu Family
  27. Sacrifices Must be Made
  28. The Cost of War
  29. Shadows of the Past
  30. The Traitor Returns
  31. The Wisdom of Wolves
  32. To Build A Compass
  33. Through the Eye of the Needle
  34. The Enemy of My Enemy
  35. The Blood of Mushin
  36. Rags and Riches
  37. Masks of Bone
  38. The Gun, the Sword, and the Fan
  39. The Wings of Mushin
  40. The Tomb and the Traitor
  41. Reunions and Revelations

Act 3: The Beast Within[]

Act 3 takes place in Moonwater Plains, explore the conflict between Talus Dominion and Skyhaven Resistance and revealing the past of the Lyn race.

  1. The Fall of Brightstone Village
  2. A Link to the Past and Present
  3. The Great Escape
  4. A Quest Rekindled
  5. The Skyward Path
  6. Blood of the Wolf
  7. Bark At The Moon
  8. Right Under Our Noses
  9. And Now For Something Completely Different
  10. A Pig in a Poke
  11. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
  12. Professional Courtesy
  13. The Commander's Shadow
  14. Plogging Along
  15. Beware the Snapjaw
  16. The Highland Necropolis
  17. Strange Aeons
  18. Sins of the Past
  19. What The Soldier Saw
  20. Rise of The Four Guardians
  21. What Have We Learned?
  22. In the Hall of the Monkey King
  23. The Sky's Burden
  24. Promises
  25. A Knife in the Dark
  26. A Road to All Things
  27. What Is Rightfully Theirs
  28. The Dying of the Light

Act 4: The Cost of Revenge[]

Act 4 takes place in the Silverfrost Mountains as the way to revenge Jinsoyun.

  1. The Road to Darkness
  2. A Village Under Siege
  3. A Crossing of Paths
  4. Forcing the Enforcer
  5. Looking for Clues
  6. The Bully
  7. Legitimate Business Practices
  8. Foul Mouths, Honest Hearts
  9. The King of Thieves
  10. The Gates Open
  11. A Welcoming Shot
  12. The Headmaster
  13. The Royal Martial Arts Championship
  14. Reunions
  15. An Alliance of Convenience
  16. Business Unusual
  17. The Mysterious Prayer
  18. Toppling the Giant
  19. Damning Evidence
  20. Thorns of the Black Rose
  21. The Man in the Iron Mask
  22. The Eight Masters' Sacrifice
  23. Dochun's Memory
  24. The Road to Redemption
  25. Mother's Garden
  26. Fugitives
  27. The Frozen Rise
  28. Her Brother's Keeper
  29. Rekindling a Dying Flame
  30. Atop a Lonely Mountain
  31. Relics of the Past
  32. The Return of the Emperor
  33. Calm Before the Storm
  34. A Call to Arms
  35. Divine Madness
  36. The Emperor Strikes Back
  37. The Final Battle
  38. Endings and Beginnings

Interlude: Darkness Rises[]

The interlude is telling about the real enemy of Earthen Realm "the Ebondrake Cult".

  1. Evil Never Rests

Act 5: A Lost Generation[]

Act 5 takes place in Heaven's Reach, The Cinderlands, and the Silverfrost Mountains to re-established the Hongmoon Clan.

  1. The Famous Hongmoon School
  2. An Uninvited Guest
  3. Oh Master , My Master
  4. The Kidnapping Case
  5. The Uncovered Culprit
  6. The Pain of the Past
  7. A Wicked Melody
  8. In Search of the Innocents
  9. The One Who Came Back to Life
  10. Should Have Seen This Coming
  11. The New Hongmoon School

Act 6: Shadow of the Ebondrake[]

Act 6 takes place in Viridian Coast, the Silverfrost Mountains, and the Blackram Moonwater Plains bases to revealing the secret of Twilight's Edge and help Poharan to rescue her grandfather Hae Mujin.

  1. A Piece of Hope
  2. Just Like Old Times
  3. A Bitter Pill to Swallow
  4. Unexpected Circumstances
  5. Shifting Shadows
  6. The Omen of Darkness
  7. Stolen Innocence
  8. The Black Pillars
  9. Fragments of Twilight
  10. A New Alliance
  11. Return to Heaven's Reach

Act 7: Shattered Empire[]

Act 7 takes place in Gunwon City and explore the way to rescue your kidnaped students Jinsoyun.

  1. The Mysterious Stranger
  2. Any Port in a Storm
  3. Storming Faircloud
  4. The Lone Dissenter
  5. The Last of the Eight
  6. Hitting the Wall
  7. Treasure of the Kameleon
  8. The Iron Shadow
  9. Crystal Conquest
  10. Down in Flames
  11. The Grand Enchantress
  12. Soul Searching
  13. The Persistence of Memory

Act 8: The Tainted Continent[]

Act 8 takes place in Solak to explore the way to waking Jinsoyun up from her eternal slept, and revealing the past of the Yun races.

  1. The Journey West
  2. The Descent
  3. A Strange Reunion
  4. Into the Wolf's Den
  5. Run Aground
  6. Lessons from the Master
  7. The Fate of Yurido
  8. Inner Peace, Outer Chaos
  9. Portal of Portents
  10. Divine Intervention
  11. The Path of Trials
  12. The Secret City
  13. Beneath the Bowers
  14. Enter the In-Between
  15. A Matter of Death and Life
  16. Broken Vow
  17. The Elder Stone
  18. The Wailing Wind
  19. Heaven and Earth
  20. Restorations

Act 9: Cruel Reunion[]

Act 9 takes place in the Dasari Palace in Gunwon City and exploring the true enemy of the Earthen Realm "the Stratus Empire".

  1. Unanswered Questions
  2. The Invitation
  3. The Imperator
  4. The Sounds of Betrayal
  5. Water Under the Bridge
  6. Hide and Sneak
  7. Ryu's Return
  8. Going Postal
  9. The Way Out
  10. Prison Break
  11. Love Lost
  12. A Reason for the Treason
  13. The Rising of Darkness
  14. Meeting the Prince
  15. Uncivil War
  16. Dark Dilemma
  17. The Edge of Twilight
  18. What Remains

Act 10: Empyrean Shadows[]

  1. Dwindling Light
  2. A Rising Threat
  3. Sage Advice
  4. Mushin's Legacy (campaign)
  5. Valindrian Pledges
  6. Reaching for the Sky
  7. Grand Reunions
  8. Keepers of the Gates
  9. Restless Spirits
  10. Diverging Paths

Act 11: Balance of Power[]

  1. Waiting For Dawn
  2. As Above, So Below
  3. A Realm Above
  4. Unreal Tournament
  5. Heaven's Breach
  6. Nature of the Beasts
  7. Reflections
  8. The Realmwalker
  9. The Antheneum
  10. The Fourth Guardian
  11. Death of a Dream
  12. Visions of Fate
  13. The Apex
  14. Down to Earth
  15. Order Restored