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Campaignquest.png Calm Before the Storm
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 33
Preceded by The Return of the Emperor
Followed by A Call to Arms
Given by [[]]
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 77,850 XP
2 Naryu Coin
70Silver.png 0Copper.png
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Yunma Kahn "One other matter weighs heavily on my mind. You lost your school to tragedy, and the Spirit Realm is surely restless with the pain of those who passed. I believe it is time for you to visit your school and find resolution. We cannot afford troubled minds--or spirits--on our march to Zaiwei"


  1. Talk to Yunma Kahn at Northreach
  2. Find Yunma Fei at Northreach
  3. Sign the Alliance Resolution to join forces with your allies on the Moonwater Plains
  4. Talk to Messenger Captain Kiki in Northreach
  5. Talk to Yunma Fei in Northreach
  6. Go to Bamboo Village on the Viridian Coast
  7. Talk to Healer Gwak Jun in Bamboo Village
  8. Talk to Yongsook in front of the inn in Bamboo Village
  9. Talk to Andumo in front of the Mayor's House in Bamboo Village
  10. Talk to Gwak Chil on Heaven's Reach
  11. Go to the Master's Quarters
  12. Talk to Gwak Chil near the Master's Quarters on Heaven's Reach
  13. Prepare the Hongmoon School Memorial Service Table inside the Master's Quarters
  14. Enter "/bow" in the chat window in front of the Memorial Service Table inside the Master's Quarters
  15. Talk to Gwak Chil on Heaven's Reach