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See also: Dragon Claw, Awakened Burning Fist, Shadow Fist

Focus Cost 2
Burning Fist
Kfm skill burning fist.png
Inflicts [8.2] damage.

Inflicts Additional [1.8] damage Buff debuff icon 01 38.png Searing Palm on enemy
Absorbs 5% of Damage as HP

Readies Kfm skill smolder.png Smolder On hit

Decreases Cooldown of Kfm skill smolder.png Smolder by 1.5 sec. On hit

Readies Skill icon kung fu master 1-3-4.png Hellfire Kick On hit
Range Area Cast Cooldown
Centered on Caster 2 x 4m Instant Instant
Skill Requirements
When using Kfm skill searing dragon.png Searing Dragon


Kfm skill burning fist.png Burning Fist is an attack for KFMs. It replaces Kfm skill dragon claw.png Dragon Claw while under the effect of Placeholder.png Volcano, and is in turn replaced by Kfm skill shadow fist.png Shadow Fist while under the effect of Kfm skill dragon fire.png Dragon Fire and Kfm skill awk burning fist.png Awakened Burning Fist during Placeholder.png Soulburn/Placeholder.png Soul Flare.

How to obtain[]

Required Level 55 Dragon Fist