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Brightstone Ruins
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Boss Azure Lord and Emerald Lord
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Misty Woods
Nearest Windstride Skyhaven Perch
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Brightstone Ruins is a challenging dungeon located east of Skyhaven Perch.


The Talus army occupies Brightstone Ruins, intent on experimenting on two powerful beings, the Azure Lord and the Emerald Lord. The daily quest, The Lords of Ruin, requested by Moyul, asks that a way to defeat them be found. The dynamic quest, One Good Monster Deserves Another, is given after the bosses are defeated.

The dungeon itself is not very long, boasting only a few winding corridors and two chambers that host minibosses. The first miniboss features itself right by the entrance. Commander Whungsal surrounds himself with his men, and calls upon them as he gets hurt. His most powerful attacks sends out wave of fire in all directions around him and stuns you for a long period of time. The second miniboss is Command Gonghachi. He starts off with four Elite Bodyguards, but they can be killed before the fight with the commander starts. He also summons his squad leaders when he gets low.

The bosses are the Azure Lord and the Emerald Lord. There are creatures meant to protect the forests of Misty Woods, but Lee Donghwan of the Talus Army managed to somehow capture them, and started experimenting on them for usage as weapons. During this boss fight, only one of the two Lords are present. The other is kept in a stasis field. Upon losing a set amount of health, Lee Donghwan puts the currently fighting Lord into stasis and lets loose a number of Soulstone Cores in order to enhance them. Killing the Soulstone Cores quickly is crucial to the fight and should be done as swiftly as possible before turning to the Azure Lord or Emerald Lord.

Once the bosses are defeated, Lee Donghwan shows up as a 'final' boss. Of course, given the that the previous fight was the true battle, he is a pushover and one good hit will finish him. This immediately ends the dynamic quest, One Good Monster Deserves Another, which is given right after the true boss fight ends.


Bosses Level HP Monsters
Commander Whungsal 45 431,000
  • Elite Combatant
  • Squad Leader
Commander Gonghachi 45 479,000
  • Elite Bodyguard
  • Squad Leader
Azure Lord 46 504,000
  • Soulstone Core
Emerald Lord 46 504,000
  • Soulstone Core
Mobs Level HP
Guard Captain 45 83,400
Elite Combatant 45 42,500
Squad Leader 45 83,400


Treasure First Boss
Twin Lords Block Soul Shield
Healing Tonic
Sealed Moonwater Necklace
Sealed Volcano Offering Ring
Sealed Cold Iron Axe
Sealed Cold Iron Bangle
Sealed Cold Iron Dagger
Sealed Cold Iron Gauntlet
Sealed Cold Iron Staff
Sealed Cold Iron Sword
Sealed Cold Iron Lynblades
Treasure Second Boss
Healing Tonic
Sealed Volcano Offering Earring
Sealed Twin Lords BLock Soul Shield
Treasure Third Boss
Healing Tonic
Locked Cold Iron Offerring Weapon Chest
Moonwater Tear
Moonwater Refining Stone
Twin Lords Block Soul Shield
Sealed Brightstone Axe
Sealed Brightstone Bangle
Sealed Brightstone Dagger
Sealed Brightstone Gauntlet
Sealed Brightstone Staff
Sealed Brightstone Sword
Sealed Brightstone Lynblades
Sealed Forgotten Brightstone Axe
Sealed Forgotten Brightstone Bangle
Sealed Forgotten Brightstone Dagger
Sealed Forgotten Brightstone Gauntlet
Sealed Forgotten Brightstone Staff
Sealed Forgotten Brightstone Sword
Sealed Forgotten Brightstone Lynblades
Merry Potter Secret Technique - Moonwater
Forgekeeper Secret Technique - Moonwater
Radiant Ring Secret Technique - Moonwater
Soul Warden Secret Technique - Moonwater