Blood of the Wolf

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Campaignquest.png Blood of the Wolf
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 6
Preceded by The Skyward Path
Followed by Bark At The Moon
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Rewards 27800 XP
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There were many factors leading to the rebellion that inevitably resulted in the founding of the Talus Dominion. The corruption and tyranny of the Stratus Empire played no small part. Taxation, oppression, conscription... the Stratus seemed to have their greedy fingers in everything, and both humans and Beast Kin alike were fed up.

The internal squabbling of the royal family did not help matters. In fact, it was this infighting that finally destroyed the trust of the people. Driven by jealousy of his brother, Emperor Wan, Lord Sogun's schemes to take the throne resulted in the unthinkable: the destruction of Highland Central.

The people could bear no more. The Talus Rebellion was born. Claiming the great city of Zaiwei as their capital, the people of the Eastern Continent declared their independence. Unwilling to part with such vast quantities of natural resource and territory, the Stratus Army rallied to supress this insurrection. War had come to the Earthen Realm.

Objectives[edit | edit source]