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Blackram Supply Chain
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Boss Poharan
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Blackram Shipyard
Nearest Windstride Blackram Shipyard
Daily Quest [[]]

Blackram Supply Chain is a purple dungeon located in Blackram Shipyard at Moonwater Plains.


Blackram Supply Chain is identical area to E. Fleet Supply Chain. It is a lvl45 dungeon for 6-member party.

In order to get to the last boss Vice Admiral Poharan, players must defeat Blackram officers on their way. The dungeon has total of 4 different bosses.

First boss, Gatekeeper Slashimi is located as Slashimi's Camp. He got 2 assisting elites around him, Aide Yaki and Aide Sudura.

If not killed fast enough, Slashimi will do heatwave move. This makes him invulnerable for a time period. Slashimi will shoot players with water, and after that he will do heatwave 3 times. Heatwave can't be blocked, but avoided with resist skills.

Second boss, Chef Tae Jangum is located at Mess Hall. She is a assassin type of boss. During the fight Tae Jangum will do bomb attack, that can be avoided with dodge or resisting skills.

Third Boss, Mak Sobo is located at Mak Sobo's Barracks. In order to make the boss spawn, one of the enemies that guard different gates must be killed. Boss will spawn in the room which guard was killed. During the fight Mak Sobo will put fire aoes to the ground that will explode after short period of time. This move can be avoided with evades and resists.

Last Boss Poharan is located at Poharan's Camp. During the fight Poharan will do heatwaves, that move from the center of the room to the sides, and then back. this wave needs to be evaded or it will knockdown the player and do damage.

During the fight Poharan will tell a notice on a screen, and open round vents around the room. On both left and right side of the room players need to use switch to make the vents work. Then, standing inside working vents will make the players avoid upcoming frostwave. Frostwave can also be avoided with resists. Later in fight Poharan will summon her 2 tiger pets to assist her in the fight.


  • Dailyquest.png Breaking the Chain


Boss Level HP Monsters
Gatekeeper Slashimi 45 -
  • Aide Yaki
  • Aide Sudura
Chef Tae Jangum 45 -
Mak Sobo 45 -
Poharan 45 -