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Blackram Narrows
Blackram Narrows.png
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Boss Gubong / The Devourer
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Songshu Isle
Nearest Windstride Blackram Narrows
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

see also Blackram Narrows (disambiguation)

Blackram Narrows is a heroic dungeon located south of Songshu Isle. It can only be accessed directly via a Dragon Pulse. It is the southern base of the Blackram Marauders.


Blackram Narrows is the first Heroic 6 players dungeon. The epic quality Blight Weapons drops here for players to evolve their stage 10 Hongmoon weapon. A blight weapon is always dropped in the final loot chest. The dynamic quest Slaying the Giant reward players a Devourer's Treasure after The Devourer is slain.

The Blackram Narrows is split into three parts, with a mini-boss at the end of the first two parts, both of whom drop mainly Blight soul shields and accessories. However, Gubong/The Devourer, the boss at the end guarantee a random drops of Blight weapon, a Locked Blight Weapon Chest, low chance for the drop of first epic outfit Old Stratus Empire Armor and Summoner's Familiar Cat's Fat Cat outfit/adornment. For those with Brilliant Viridian keys, it is recommended that you use them on this box as there are no later dungeons that offer better loot. In fact, saving the one key you get for specifically this box is likely to save you a lot of time in terms of advancing your weapon.

Dragonblood is available in this dungeon; they are placed right before each of the bosses of each stage. Up to maximum of two drops can be charged throughout the entire dungeon.

After completing related quests to this dungeon, a daily quest called Getting the Axe is available for players to pick up by the Blackram Narrows Dragonspire, getting to the Oakshade Village, Tomun Range in the Cinderlands.


Boss Level HP Monsters
Ma Parang 20 56,300
  • Watchdog
  • Blade Master
  • Destroyer
Wun Gwangyi 20 23,200
  • Fah Ri
  • Ise Si
Gubong 21 55,200
  • Fiend


21 88,300
  • Fiend

Mobs Level HP
Blackram Blade Master 20 3,324
Blackram Guard Fah Ri 20 15,700
Blackram Force Master 20 2,553
Blackram Guard Ise Si 20 15,700
Blackram Kung Fu Master 20 3,013
Blackram Musketeer 20 2,553
Claypaw Mercenary 20 1,507
Claypaw Ruffian 2 140
Claypaw Mercenary Whipi 20 13,570
Dai 20 13,570
Du 20 13,570
Kun Son 20 8,487
Loso 20 8,487
Watchdog 20 147


Old Stratus Empire Armor
The Fat Cat
The Fat Cat Adornment
Blackram Accuracy Soul Shield
Healing Tonic
Locked Blight Weapon Chest
Locked Bronze Offering Weapon Chest
Locked Viridian Weapon Chest
Sealed Bronze Axe
Sealed Bronze Bangle
Sealed Bronze Dagger
Sealed Bronze Gauntlet
Sealed Bronze Razor
Sealed Bronze Staff
Sealed Bronze Sword
Sealed Blight Axe
Sealed Blight Bangle
Sealed Blight Dagger
Sealed Blight Gauntlet
Sealed Blight Razor
Sealed Blight Staff
Sealed Blight Sword
The Blight Fang
The Devourer's Treasure